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Top Moments: Dexter's Killer Surprise and Mother's Legendary Proposal

Our top moments of the week: 12. 'Til Death Do Us Part Award: It took another nine years, but a second Bachelorette couple ties the knot! In an ABC special , Ashley Hebert and J.P. Rosenbaum get married in a Bachelor alum-studded ceremony officiated by host Chris Harrison . As with any Bachelor -related event, there are a bunch of cheesy, staged moments, but their emotional ... //

Royal Pains Movie: The Royal Wedding

Royal Pains  two hour movie event airs on Sunday, December 16 on USA Network  (9-11 p.m. ET) onUSA Network. It’s a Royal Pains  wedding! Evan and Paige are tying the knot. Read More... //

'Royal Pains' hits Las Vegas in December to tie the holiday knot

Just because the characters of "Royal Pains" typically are seen at play in the Hamptons in the summer, that doesn't mean they don't celebrate the end-of-year holidays, too.USA Network confirms it by giving the series -- which wrapped its fourth round a few months ago -- a new, stand-alone offering with "Off-Season Greetings" Sunday, Dec. 16. The two-hour movie both advances the saga and goes back in time with it, as doctor-to-the-rich Hank Lawson (Mark Feuerstein) recalls his earlier romances while his brother Evan (Paulo Costanzo) prepares to walk down the aisle with fiancee Paige (Brooke D'Orsay)."It's directed by one of our executive producers, Michael Rauch," the friendly Feuerstein tells Zap2it, "and no one knows the DNA of the show more than him ... other than our other executive producer, Andrew Lenchewski. The two of them have built such an efficient and creative machine, and the show has gone in so many interesting directions. I... //

USA Invites You To A “Royal Wedding” In A Special Two-Hour ‘Royal Pains’ Movie Event [Video]

This December,  Royal Pains ‘ Evan (Paulo Costanzo) and Paige (Brooke D’Orsay) will be tying the knot in "The Royal Wedding," a special two-hour holiday movie event on USA. The normally sunnyHamptons  set series will be transformed into a winter wonderland  that might be a tad bit too wintery for the happy couple once a snowstorm hits. "How funny would it be if no one could make it?" Evan asks his clearly not amused fiancé in one of the two promos USA has released in preparation for the big event . Read More... //

A Royal Pains Wedding

USA's Royal Pains celebrates Christmas in the Hamptons with a December 16 two-hour movie that culminates in the stormy wedding of Evan ( Paulo Costanzo ) and Paige ( Brooke D'Orsay ). "It was the first time I ever...  //

'White Collar,' 'Covert Affairs' and 'Royal Pains' renewed at USA

It's not much of a shocker but USA has officially given the go ahead for new seasons of three of its top dramas: "White Collar," "Covert Affairs" and "Royal Pains.""Royal Pains," starring Mark Feuerstein, landed the biggest order. USA greenlit two more seasons of the show for a total of 26 episodes."Covert" and "Collar" both earned 16 episode single season renewals."All three of these series have found ways to stay creatively fresh and culturally relevant. The execution in writing, acting and production is among the best on television. In an increasingly competitive landscape, these series got new season pickups the old-fashioned way -- they earned it!," USA co-presidents Chris McCumber and Jeff Wachtel say in a statement.... //

USA Network Announces 'Royal Pains' Movie

"Off-Season Greetings," airing Dec. 16, will center on Evan and Paige's upcoming wedding. //

Season Finale 2012: Royal Pains “Sand Legs” Season 4 Episode 14

Royal Pains  "Sand Legs" Season 4 Episode 14 airs on Wednesday September 19 2012 at 9pm on USA Network. Episode Synopsis: Hank cancels his weekend plans after treating  an amateur beach volleyball player who he believes may be suffering from more than just a summer bug. Meanwhile, Divya confronts her new boyfriend after a startling discovery. Read More... //  

Royal Pains “Something Fishy This Way Comes” Season 4 Episode 13

Royal Pains  "Something Fishy This Way Comes" Season 4 Episode 13 airs on Wednesday September 12 2012 at 9pm on USA Network . Episode Synopsis: Hank must travel across the globe to help an injured Dmitry. Meanwhile, Evan and Paige meet a woman claiming to be Paige’s biological  mother. Read More... //  

Emma Caulfield Cast on Royal Pains

Ex will soon mark the spot for Emma Caulfield on Royal Pains . The actress ( Leverage , Once Upon a Time ) has been cast on a pair upcoming Season 4 episodes, USA Network sources confirm, coming on board as Winnie, a baker from New Jersey who used to date Hank. What brings Winnie in to the picture? What effect will she have on this Hamptons-based doctor? Both good questions, both of which will be answered this December when Caulfield debuts and Royal Pains returns to wrap up Season 4. Its final summer episode airs on September 19. //