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Ratings: Samantha Who? Bids Us Adieu - Featured

Thursday's ratings recap: * 8/7 CT Big Brother 11 topped the hour with an audience of 6.42 million total viewers, up 15 percent week-to-week. The final two episodes of Samantha Who? averaged 3.39 million viewers, placing third behind a Bones repeat. * 9/8 CT So You Think You Can Dance 's 100th-episode celebration - featuring a blink-and-you-missed-it performance by Katie Holmes - drew 8.42 million viewers, a 20 percent surge from last week. * 10/9 CT A The Mentalist repeat was the night's most watched program, with 9.54 million viewers. NBC's final broadcast airing of The Listener delivered 3.38 mil, dropping 500K. ( will stream the series' final five episodes in August. ) Source Here

Samantha Who: Preview of Series Finale "The Other Woman" and "With this Ring"

After two seasons, ABC comedy Samantha Who? bids farewell to its few but dedicated fans as it airs back-to-back episodes in its series finale tonight 8:30pm on ABC. On The Other Woman, Samantha (Christina Applegate) starts to vaguely remember something about her and billionaire Winston Funk's (Billy Zane) ex wife Gigi before the accident, and that she might have played an important role in her life. Elsewhere, a wedding seems to be in the offing as Chapman asks Dena (Melissa McCarthy) to marry him, but she's slightly reluctant on the proposal. Finally, Andrea (Jennifer Esposito) tries to seduce gay pro-basketball player Tony Dane (McKinley Freeman) into bed, while Regina (Jean Smart) is caught in a love triangle as to prepare to leave on vacation with Howard. On With this Ring, meanwhile, Sam finds herself at a crossroads and has to choose between Winston Funk or Todd (Barry Watson). All these, on Andrea's wedding day to Tony Dane. For their part, Regina and Howard begins to discover that their lives are beginning to take separate paths. On the last episode of Samantha Who? Samantha tried to find balance between her new job and Todd, while Andrea was shadowed by a camera crew for a new reality show on celebrity weddings. In a sort of consolation, Applegate recently received her second consecutive Emmy nod for her role as Samantha. Her last Emmy win was in 2003 when she guest-starred on Friends. Samantha Who? was picked up for a second season in early February last year, with an order for additional seven episodes. Following a slump in the ratings, after an 11 mil average in the first season, ABC announced that it's canceling Samantha Who? in May this year. Moves were made to present the comedy to other networks but a pick-up is highly unlikely, at least at this point. Source Here If You Missed The Last Episode Watch It Here Online Now

Tonight's TV Hot List: Thursday, June 25, 2009 - Featured

* NBA Draft (7:30 pm/ET ESPN) As if the NBA's worst record in 2008-09 wasn't bad enough for the Kings, they also got the worst pick in the 2009 draft that they could have possibly gotten. Granted, it's only the fourth overall pick, but that is the way the NBA draft-lottery system is set up. Blake Griffin is widely expected to be taken at No. 1 by the Clippers, who managed to grab the top pick in last month's lottery. After the first pick, it gets more murky with Ricky Rubio from Spain and Hasheem Thabeet from UConn. * So You Think You Can Dance (9 pm/ET Fox) When Kristinia DeBarge sang "Goodbye" last week, let's hope Max and Ashley didn't take it personally, especially since they were the second pair of the season to bid farewell. But if the contestants are in fact taking their cues from the music, it's a great fit tonight when Australian pop group the Veronicas perform the dance hit "Take Me on the Floor" from their second album, Hook Me Up. * She's Got the Look (9 pm/ET TVLand) No one was more pleased by Laurie's dramatic, strangely voluntary exit last week than Shelly, but with a rivalry brewing with Leeanne, she may be out of the frying pan and right back into the fire. Judge Sean Patterson is having none of it, however, and he's looking for one of the remaining nine women to step up and take charge of this competition. So with a vacuum at the top, there could be no better mentor than tonight's guest judge, supermodel Frederique, to show them the way. * Royal Pains (10 pm/ET USA Network ) Hank's got his hands full this week when he comes to the aid of Allison Moore, the owner and head chef of a hip Hamptons eatery. After suffering a stroke that induces amnesia, Allison disappears, leaving Hank scrambling to treat her before long-term damage occurs. And when he's not chasing down his patient, Hank attempts to take things slow with Jill. He plans a brunch date with her on what would have been his wedding day. * Samantha Who? (8 pm/ET ABC) Christina Applegate's sitcom is back on the schedule with a special guest star: Duran Duran's John Taylor. The Duran Duran bassist is typecast as a rock star who's dating Sam. She was enthralled by him in her youth but has no memory of those old feelings. Andrea and Dena, however, have no such problem and can't help fawning all over him. Source Here

Preview of Episode 2.14, "The Rock Star"

As canceled Samantha Who? returns tonight with "The Rock Star," Sam (Christina Applegate) alienates her best friends Andrea (Jennifer Esposito) and Dena (Melissa McCarthy) after she begins dating a rock superstar (Duran Duran's John Taylor). But who can blame her? He had been her idol while growing up although she has absolutely no recollection of her former feelings about him. Eventually, she discovers that she might have bitten more than she can chew as the rock star turns out to be "hungry like the wolf." Last we left the ABC comedy, Sam was running into financial trouble at the craps table in Vegas with her - yes - parents. When things got tough, it seemed as if her old boss Winston Funk could be just the person she needed to help her out of the jam. Meanwhile, Dena was able to pull a fast one on Andrea after she reluctantly agreed to help improve Andrea's image in the media. After two seasons, ABC canceled Samantha Who? mid-May this year, with the final seven episodes scheduled to start airing tonight. The alphabet network cited dwindling ratings for the comedy as the reason for the axing, with its impressive 14.92 mil debut numbers down to as low as 9.87 mil later in the season, and further plunging to 4.96 mil on the last episode in April. While there is a chance that the show will be picked up by other networks, critics say the chances of such a thing happening is highly unlikely. Applegate has started an online petition to bring the show back on air. As of last count, she has gathered a little over 30,000 signatures so far. Catch "The Rock Star" tonight 8pm on ABC. Source Here

Samantha who finally a new episode

While the show has been canceled, there are still some episodes left. The first one "The Rock Star" will air tomorrow at 8pm on ABC. Don't miss it!

TV Graveyard: ABC - Featured

ABC has had a lot of casualties this TV season, starting with their triple-axing of Pushing Daisies , Eli Stone and Dirty Sexy Money . However, this is old news at this point, so instead we are focusing on all of ABC's more recent cancellations: In the Motherhood - I'm not going to lie, I never even gave this Megan Mullally/Cheryl Hines comedy a shot, as it never struck me as all that funny. And apparently the viewers didn't embrace it either, as it flopped during its brief Thursday night stint. 4 episodes aired. Cupid - Cancel me once, shame on you. Cancel me twice? Yeah, they never should have attempted to resurrect Cupid . It's permanent home was in the brilliant-but-canceled bin (as the version in 1999 headlined by Jeremy Piven meets this description). This version, although I agree there has been worse TV, was just a bad idea from the get-go. 6 episodes aired. The Unusuals - This quirky cop procedural definitely had potential, but with the popularity of the now-renewed quirky cop procedural Castle ...guess it wasn't unusual enough (or garnered the necessary ratings) for ABC to keep around. Remaining episodes still airing. According to Jim - Longtime choice of many TV critics as the most hated show on TV (and not because it is necessarily the worst, but because it is pretty darn close, yet managed to survive for 8 seasons), Jim is finally saying goodbye. Yes, I cannot believe it either, but 8 seasons aired. Samantha Who? - Quirky Christina Applegate memory-loss comedy, Samantha Who's cancellation was somewhat of a surprise. ABC definitely liked the show, but the numbers just weren't there to renew it for another season. 2 seasons aired. Surviving Suburbia - It is unclear if this show is officially dead yet or not, but it should be, and likely will be soon. Remaining episodes begin airing this week. Which ABC cancellation - recent or earlier in the year - has upset you the most? Are you the one person that will miss According to Jim ?

Cancellation Buzz: Terminator, Unusuals, Samantha All Dead - Featured

With all of the great triumphs for low-rated series over the weekend ( Chuck ! Better Off Ted ! Dollhouse !), it shouldn't be too surprising that it couldn't last forever. For every victory, I now bring you news of a cancellation. Fox's Friday Dollhouse companion - the much loved, but extremely low-rated Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles - has been officially terminated. Michael Ausiello reported its unofficial cancellation awhile back, though many fans still kept hope. From the FOX Entertainment President: "[Sarah Connor] has completed its run. I think it had a nice little run. It was a good show. It was not an either or [with Dollhouse]. We did see it tailing off a bit [in the ratings]. It had a nice creative core, but, ultimately, we made the bet on Dollhouse, so that's it for [Sarah Connor]. We make no apologies. We gave it a lot of support and some consistent scheduling. We tried and thought it was time to move on." (for fans of the show, this kinda sounds callous, no?) Source Also not returning will be quirky crime drama The Unusuals over on ABC. The series creator tweeted: "Friends, just heard The Unusuals will not be back for a second season. Thanks for all your amazing support. Last [four] episodes start May 27." Source Finally, ABC has also killed comedy Samantha Who? , which is somewhat unexpected. The show was widely thought to return, but in the eleventh hour (and with all of the new series they ordered), ABC decided they couldn't afford it financially. Source Which show's demise is most crushing?

Nets pull shows sooner than expected - Featured

From Variety: ABC and NBC got impatient Tuesday, yanking already tossed-aside series Samantha Who? , In the Motherhood and Kings sooner than expected. Alphabet net had already shortened the runs of "Motherhood" and "Samantha" by a week, opting to bring Ugly Betty back to the Thursday at 8 p.m. slot on April 30. But "Motherhood" and "Samantha" were still slated to air one last episode this week - until ABC execs decided that they'd be better off with a repeat of Grey's Anatomy leading into an original "Grey's" at 9 p.m. Having been in repeats for a few weeks, "Grey's" might have been hurt further by the weak numbers coming from "Motherhood" and "Samantha." That means last week's "Motherhood" and "Samantha" segs wound up being the last of the season for both shows. "Motherhood" isn't expected to return, but "Samantha" still has a decent shot at returning for a third season. Seven episodes remain of this year's "Samantha" order; those could either fold into next year's order, or run this summer - should the show not make it on the fall sked. Over at NBC, Peacock has opted to push the remaining seven segs of Kings to the summer. The show will now air on Saturdays at 8 p.m. from June 13 to July 25. In the meantime, NBC will now air repeats of "Law & Order: SVU" at 8 p.m., followed by repeats of Southland at 9 p.m., on Saturdays. "Law & Order" repeats will then run at 10 p.m. That setup will last through May 16; "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" repeats will then run at 8 p.m. on May 23 and 30. The "SVU" - "Southland" pairing is seen as a trial run for next fall; NBC could very well run the two gritty dramas together on Wednesdays.

'Ugly Betty' Returns a Week Earlier - Featured

Through the press release issued for the next episode of " Ugly Betty ", it is known that the comedy series will be back earlier than expected. The show which had been shelved for weeks since mid-March to give room for " Samantha Who? " and " In the Motherhood ", will now reclaim its spot on April 30. It is a one week advance because initially "Ugly Betty" was scheduled to return May 7. On the episode called "Rabbit Test", the Suarez family gets an invitation to meet Matt's famed billionaire dad, Calvin Hartley (guest star David Rasche), at his legendary Easter Egg hunt. While Betty sees this as a chance to get closer to Matt, Daniel seizes the opportunity to get Mode a bailout. Meanwhile Wilhelmina suspects that little William might not be her biological son. There has not been any news to how the half-hour shows, "Samantha" and "Motherhood", will continue. ABC however, has arranged " Grey's Anatomy " to take the May 7 slot for its 100th episode where Meredith and Derek nuptials takes place. Source Here Related Stories: 'Ugly Betty' Exclusive: Henry's Back! ABC Hands Out Early Pickups

Billy Zane Reunites with Christina Applegate on 'Samantha Who?'

' Titanic ' star Billy Zane sails onto the set of ABC's " Samantha Who? " for a guest appearance on tonight's episode opposite Christina Applegate, and we're on the set with the stars for their long-awaited reunion! "I immediately jumped at the opportunity," Billy tells ET's Kevin Frazier. "I was a big fan of Christina's for years, and the show is hysterical, and it was a chance to spring some comedy chops while still sporting fine threads." Billy plays Samantha's ex-boss, billionaire Winston Funk. While in Las Vegas to attend a real estate seminar, Samantha loses a huge sum of money playing craps. But could Winston be the answer to her financial woes? "He's on a learning curve through his love of Sam and her new lease on life," Billy explains about his character. "Her new perspective is certainly schooling him. His desire is maintained, if not increased, because now she's the prize he can't have." "There are moments that she starts to fall [for him]," says Christina. "But he's not that good of a guy and she knows that, so it's like a push-pull thing, trying to resist him as much as possible." Billy's role marks a reunion for the two stars, who worked together on an episode of the TV show "Heart of the City" way back in 1986. "We were really young," he says. "[It's] ironic to come full circle however many years later." "I was so young then, so I don't really remember much," says Christine with a smile. "I was 14 years old. A lot has happened since then." And Billy doesn't hesitate to heap praise on his co-star, saying, "She's got it in spades. I think she was certainly the best comedic actress this year or any -- just incredible comic timing, grounded in real stakes. She's a true actor." "I love Billy," responds Christina. "When he comes to work, he's always dressed really nicely and really put together. He's a very sophisticated and interesting guy." Source Here