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Samantha Who? is an American television comedy series created by Cecelia Ahern and Don Todd. Todd also serves as executive producer alongside Peter Traugott, with Ahern and Christina Applegate producing. The pilot was directed by Robert Duncan McNeil. The show is about Samantha Newly, a 30-year-old vice president of a real estate company who, after becoming the victim of a hit-and-run accident, develops full retrograde amnesia and has to rediscover her life, her relationships and herself, despite the fact that she doesn't like the person that she was.

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Shows I've watched from the pilot to the latest episode.
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Concluded shows
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You get secretly excited for these, but don't admit to anyone that you watch them. Unless they do first and then it's a full blown gab session.
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Shows that were cancelled or concluded too soon. Didn't make it past the first few seasons or didn't get a proper ending.