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Television is a medium because anything well done is rare.

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Hidden Gems

41 Shows

The best shows you've never heard of.

School's In

5 Shows

All in all they're just another show on the wall.

Cliffhanger Endings

2 Shows

When the show finishes before the story does.

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The Expanse

The most promising Sci-Fi Epic in years. Finally, a Grand Space Opera with a decent story, realistic physics, and plenty of spaceship porn.

Game of Thrones

A historical retelling of the benevolent and righteous reign of King Joffrey Baratheon before his brutal downfall in 1483.

Death Note

Probably one of the best works of fiction ever, not just anime. Death Note accomplishes a ,kind of complexity that many other shows won't even attempt. Playing out like a game of chess, the two protagonists constantly try to outsmart each other. 10 years down the track this is still one of the most powerful and clever shows I've ever seen.