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Author of the book Axing My Exes and blogger of Jerrica's Jerks. I love to write, laugh, and be outside. TV shows over movies any day. If I could strap a screen to my face while gardening and simultaneously write, my life would be complete. TV, for myself, is not to escape but to inspire.

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On The Backburner

33 Shows

Shows we started then got distracted by something more interesting and haven't had the motivation to pick up where we left off yet, or ones we were recommended but…

So Popular. So Why Don't I Like Them?

18 Shows

This list will not make me popular, but it's the truth. These are TV shows everyone is buzzing about, but for some reason, I (and my husband) just can't get into them.

Crazy to be Concluded Shows

35 Shows

I wish I had a magic wand to bring all of these shows back! This list may seem all over the place in terms of taste, but eccentric is 'in', so enjoy!




An honest and darkly comedic look at the messed up reality behind "reality" television. I used to be a sucker for the drama and hilarity that ensues around the crazies that join The Bachelor/ette, but after watching just one episode of UnREAL, I no longer think it's funny.


Could Claire Randall have ever imagined that the boring history lessons her husband goes on about would actually come in handy? Probably not at the time, but when she gets transported back in time, the stories help save her life. The back and forth between two realms works well in this sexy history lesson of sorts. The steamy chemistry between both her then-and-now partners are equally convincing as it is naughty. I'd personally like Claire to never find her way back home. The story-line gets a little sleepy at times but don't worry, the intensely sexual sex scene is around the corner. Worth a watch. More for female audiences.


How can you review gold? A James Bond meets The Office with Stephen Colbert comedic sarcasm and arrogance. Archer is a genius show in every way imaginable. The acting, the writing, the comedy, the whit, the intelligent pop culture and political references, not to mention the one-liners! "Call Kenny Loggins, you're in the danger zone". BEST!