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i love watching shows ^_^ i also love watching movies, reading and gaming <3

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I LOVE this show!ive been hooked since season 1 episode 1.. it has action, drama ,fantasy elements, monsters all things combined awesomely :) one of the best shows in my opinion :) it made me laugh, cry and had me sitting on the edge of my chair at some points too. it really touched my heart :) family sticks together even when its not by blood :)

Sleepy Hollow

I love this show. It keeps me curious and i hope it will run for a while :) It has humor, supernatural stuff, action all packed into it, and the cast is great :)

My boyfriend and i really enjoy this show, keeps us wondering what comes next :D i love the superhero theme :) id say, please keep this series going :D its awesome :) They know how to keep this show interesting ^_^