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'Desperate Housewives' Actor Neal McDonough Turns 'Vigilante Priest'

Neal McDonough, who was reportedly fired from ABC's 'Scoundrels' for refusing to film sex scenes because of his religious beliefs, has found a new role in 'Vigilante Priest' on Starz. According to Deadline Hollywood, McDonough, of 'Desperate Housewives' and 'Band of Brothers' fame, was sacked from ABC's summer series 'Scoundrels' for his refusal to act out sex scenes. Now, the Catholic actor is taking his religious beliefs to Starz for 'Vigilante Priest,' a series he co-created with 'Law and Order' veteran Walon Green. McDonough will play, well, a vigilante priest -- a former police officer-turned-man of the cloth who takes law enforcement into his own hands. On past shows such as 'Boomtown' and 'Desperate Housewives,' McDonough has not acted in sex scenes. When he signed on for 'Scoundrels,' ABC reportedly knew of his beliefs. McDonough will also serve as an executive producer on the new series, along with Green and John Avnet. The actor is currently filming Marvel's 'Captain America' flick in London. Source Here

Preview of 'Scroundels' and 'The Gates' August 8 Episode

Been positioning himself behind the scene for sometime, "Beverly Hills, 90210" star Jason Priestley will pop up at the next episode of ABC's "Scoundrels". The actor is playing Heather's "love of her life" who eventually creates trouble for her because he's a married actor. Also in the episode, called "That's the Way the Memory Goes", Wolf finds out that a family member betrayed him and causes a prison riot and Cheryl is confused by the sexual energy between and Mack and herself during a kerfuffle. "Scoundrels" airs August 8 at 9/8c followed by "The Gates" at 10/9c. To read More Click Here .

Ratings Race: 'The Gates' Steadies for ABC, 'Scoundrels' Keeps Slipping

Fox (1.4/4, 3.078 million) played their typical Sunday dance, taking the night in the 18-49 demo while at the same time coming in dead last in total viewers. That "Animation Domination" lineup might not bring in the biggest audience, but it's the "right" kind of viewers, according to the advertisers. First in viewers, then, was CBS (1.3/4, 6.39 million), enjoying a successful summer launch for 'Big Brother,' as well as the transplanted power of Thursday night's 'The Mentalist.' NBC (1.2/4, 4.936 million) mixed up the night as well, shifting 'Law & Order: Criminal Intent to 8 PM ET to make room for a repeat of 'America's Got Talent.' ABC (1.1/3, 4.079 million) got mixed, but really bad news. While 'The Gates' seems to have finally steadied in the ratings, albeit at a pretty low number, 'Scoundrels' just keeps dropping and dropping. At least 'America's Funniest Home Videos' had its best outing in more than a month, so it wasn't a total loss. To Read More Click Here .

Ratings Race: CBS Premieres 'The Bridge' And Nobody Notices

It's hard to imagine what CBS (0.6/3, 3.9 million) was thinking in premiering 'The Bridge' on a Saturday night in the summer. The Canadian co-production is just the latest in a series of ventures that haven't borne fruit in the US, in many cases because of odd scheduling like this. As expected, 'The Bridge' performed terribly in a two-hour block for CBS, and the Canadian TV Foreign Ministry had some harsh words about it, as reported on TV By the Numbers. "It's one thing to put 'Flashpoint' on Fridays at 9PM," they said. "At least some people might watch it then, but to premiere 'The Bridge' on Saturday at 8pm goes beyond the generous bounds of international TV etiquette. We are considering our response." Fox (1.4/4, 4.28 million) skated to its typical Saturday victory, while NBC (0.6/2, 3.06 million) hung in there with repeats. ABC (0.5/2, 2.2 million), on the other hand, skipped out on giving 'Eastwick' fans their last two episodes so they could bomb horribly with repeats of two of their struggling summer shows. Should have given the witches their due, ABC. To Read More Click Here .

'The Gates' and 'Scoundrels' June 27 Preview

"The Gates" and "Scoundrels", two of ABC's freshmen return on Sunday, June 27 with "What Lies Beneath" and "Mary, Mary, Quite Contrary" respectively. The former is a mystery drama about a gated community that buries a dark secret while the latter is a dramedy about a family who is trying to lead a crime-free life. In "Gates", Nick investigates the death of the last Chief of Police, disturbed by what he's starting to discover about The Gates. Claire Radcliff deals with the repercussions from her recent transgression, fighting to put the past behind her. At school, Andie struggles to sort out her blossoming feelings for Charlie. And Brett works hard to keep dating Andie while fighting off Lukas' tempting offer to "come running." In "Scoundrels", Cheryl gets a job as a "checkout chick" at the local grocery store, Heather tries her hand at the local Burger Barn and Cal finds out his "pool boy" job requires more than expected, as the West family tries to embrace a crime-free lifestyle. Source & Previews

Scoundrels' Virginia Madsen: It's Fun to Root for the Bad Guy

Take it from Virginia Madsen: Sometimes being bad can feel oh-so-good. "Sometimes it's really fun to root for the bad guy," Madsen tells of her new ABC dramedy, Scoundrels (premiering Sunday at 9/8c). Madsen plays Cheryl West, the matriarch of a family of criminals. When her husband Wolf (David James Elliott) is sent to prison, Cheryl decides she and her four children - ditzy aspiring model Heather (Levin Rambin), young and smart Hope (Vanessa Marano), and twin boys (both played by Patrick Fleuger), one of which is a dim slacker while the other's a sharp lawyer - are going to go straight. Of course, things don't exactly work out that way. "Anybody who's raising kids knows the dilemma: your idea of the right decision isn't necessarily their idea," Madsen says. "It's one conflict after another. I think a lot of women can identify with Cheryl because of the struggles she goes through trying to get her kids to listen to her and her husband to walk the straight and narrow." Of course, Cheryl's no angel herself. But Madsen says her character's desire to give up the life of crime is mostly a protective instinct. "She's a very strong and powerful woman, and she just wants to protect her family and make a better life," she says. To Read More Click Here .

SCOUNDRELS Series Premiere Preview

A successful pilot introduces us to the characters and their world, acting as a template for the rest of the series and giving us a hint of how the story will progress. The first episode sets the tone and rules for the series. Photo : ABC Click To Read Rest Of The Review

Sneak Peeks - Scoundrels 1.01 "And Jill Came Tumbling After"

ABC's new summer series staring Virginia Madsen will premiere at 9:00 p.m. on June 20 and the network has released a few sneak peeks which we have for you below, along with a short synopsis of the series. THE MOTHER OF A FAMILY OF SMALL-TOWN CRIMINALS TRIES TO PUT HER KIDS ON THE STRAIGHT AND NARROW, ON THE PRMIERE OF ABC’S “SCOUNDRELS”. To Read More Click Here .

Virginia Madsen and David James Elliott Talk Playing 'Scoundrels' (VIDEO)

Thieves are usually the bad guys, the people we hate on TV ... but not with 'Scoundrels.' ABC's new drama centers on a family of thieves, including mom Cheryl, played by Virginia Madsen, and schemer extraordinaire dad Wolf, played by David James Elliott. When Wolf gets thrown in the clink for crimes committed, Cheryl decides it's time for the whole family to quit the business and go legit. Apparently, that's not so easy for any of them. But according to Elliott, they're just a "typical American family ... every family's dysfunctional on a level." I caught up with the stars to find out more about the show, and to hear how playing bad on TV has affected them in real life. Check it out here ... Source & Video

Take A Break From World Cup Excitement To Check Out This Week's Summer Premieres!

Yup, there's another vampire show on the horizon -- The Gates premieres this Sunday on ABC, for all you Vampire Diaries viewers who are hoping to get your fangirl fix on during the off-season! Also, now that Top Chef Masters has concluded, regular Top Chef takes the heat back to the kitchen on Wednesday on Bravo ! See what other summer shows are premiering this week! Monday, June 14 10/9c: Warren the Ape in MTV Tuesday, June 15 9/8c: Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List on Bravo Wednesday, June 16 9/8c: Top Chef on Bravo Sunday, June 20 9/8c: The Gates on ABC 9/8c: Leverage on TNT 10/9c: Scoundrels on ABC 10/9c: The Real L Word on Showtime Which summer premieres are you tuning into this week?