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Jason Priestley Still a 'Scoundrel'

Hey guys, remember Jason Priestley? Playful smile, great hair, sideburns that stretched for miles? Well, when last we saw Priestley he was busy putting together a small budget flick about wineries in Canada, which is about as far as you can get from the glamor and glitz of his old 'Beverly Hills 90210' stomping ground. Yes, it appeared he had faded into a comfortable -- and comfortably obscure -- semi-retirement up on his grape farm. Well, not so fast. According to Entertainment Weekly, Priestley isn't quite done with small screen stardom just yet, as the 90's heartthrob will be appearing in a multi-episode arc on ABC's upcoming summer dramedy 'Scoundrels.' 'Scoundrels,' of course, is a mid-season replacement that features Virginia Madsen as the matriarch of a family of grifters and con-men (and con-women as well -- con-people, if you will). So what role will the erstwhile Brandon Walsh be playing this time around? According to Entertainment Weekly, Priestley will "play a prolific TV personality who is immediately smitten with Leven Rambin's aspiring actress character, Heather." To Read More Click Here .

Will You Watch Scoundrels?

The television season might be winding down, but that doesn't mean all new programming will soon be off the air. And, no, thankfully we're not just referring to reality TV. More and more networks are debuting new shows over the summer, many of which have critics and viewers excited. For example, The Good Guys on Fox will star Colin Hanks, Bradley Whitford and Bradley Whitford's mustache. Then, there's Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family and, as ABC has just started to advertise, Scoundrels. The latter series centers on a family of small-time criminals. When the unit's father is sentenced to a long prison term, his wife - played by Oscar nominee Virginia Madsen - takes over the enterprising brood. Watch a preview for Scoundrels below and chime in: Will you give it a chance? Source & Preview

JAG's David James Elliott Snags Lead in Scoundrels

ABC's Scoundrels is going through a casting change. JAG's David James Elliott has been cast as the lead in Scoundrels opposite Virginia Madsen, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Elliott replaces Neal McDonough as the patriarch of a family of criminals who decide to go straight after he is arrested. In other casting news, Nick D'Agosto (Heroes) has joined This Little Piggy, Jessica Lucas (Melrose Place) is heading for Friends with Benefits, and Ashley Madekwe (Secret Diary of a Call Girl) is joining Katharine McPhee in The Pink House. Source Here

Virginia Madsen to Star in ABC's 'Scoundrels'

When I first heard about this show, I could have sworn I had heard something about it before, only with another star attached to it and not Virginia Madsen. Turns out there was another version of 'Scoundrels' that ABC attempted, a couple of years ago, only it had Catherine O'Hara in the lead role and it was called 'Good Behavior.' 'Scoundrels' is based on a New Zealand show, 'Outrageous Fortune,' and Madsen will star as the mother/head of a family of crooks who decides that they all need to go straight after the dad is put in prison. I'm going to assume that things don't go smoothly and their criminal pasts will catch up to them in some way. But this sounds like it could be a fun show, sort of like 'The Riches' and maybe a hint of the USA show 'Cover Me' (which I really liked - it was canceled way too early). This won't be a permanent series though. Right now it's going to be an eight episode summer show. Source Here