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Screen Machines

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Tue 12:00 AM EDT on Reelz (United States)

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1 Seasons, 4 Episodes
30 Minutes
4 tracks
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Robert “Videobob” Moseley is the creative mastermind behind a unique prop shop in Dallas that creates iconic replica vehicles from TV shows and movies. His clients are often adult “fanboys” who still hold onto the big screen obsessions of their youth. But it’s not cheap—a Delorean with Flux Capacitor will set you back a cool $60,000 just for starters. In each half-hour episode of Screen Machines Videobob and his crew—a ragtag bunch of misfits including an aspiring illusionist, a brainy engineer and an exotic-dancer-turned-accountant—take on a new project where they research, gather materials, build, refine and test their vehicles before unveiling them to clients.
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