Second Chance Events

60 minutes

The series (previously known as The Frankenstein Code & then Lookinglass) will follow the life of Jimmy Pritchard, a 75-year-old former Los Angeles County sheriff who was morally corrupt and later disgraced, resulting in him being forced into retirement. After he is killed in a robbery at his son's home, Pritchard is brought back to life by a billionaire and a bioengineer in the body of a younger man. Watch as he navigates this new life, and new body.

Show Events

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May 13, 2016
FOX canceled Second Chance.
Jan 22, 2016
SideReel thinks FOX will cancel Second Chance.
Oct 29, 2015
FOX reduced Second Chance from 13 to 11 episodes.
May 8, 2015
Second Chance was green-lighted by FOX.