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Webclip of 'Secret Diary of a Call Girl': Bambi's Five Year Plan

Another webisode has been released by Showtime for their drama series " Secret Diary of a Call Girl ". Bambi, the naive wannabe who is being mentored by the main character Belle, rolls in her head a five-year plan both in her career as an escort and her personal life. Bambi, played by Ashley Madekwe, is the character who joins the series in the second season. She is a fun-loving person who does escorting for one reason only, money. Her character traits and ambitions as a high-class escort often go in front of Belle's path. "Secret Diary of a Call Girl", originally running on ITV2, has just premiered its second season on Showtime on Sunday, January 18 at 10:30PM ET/PT. A third season is in plan to be shot early this year, after main actress Billie Piper recovers from giving birth to her son in October last year. For Webepisode click here Source here

Billie Piper gives birth to son

ITV2 leading lady Billie Piper gave birth to a son on Tuesday, her first child with husband, and fellow ITV star, Laurence Fox. The Secret Diary of a Call Girl actress had her baby delivered through cesarean section at the private Portland Hospital. The couple have settled on the name Winston James Fox, who weighed 6lb 11oz and was born at 0100 BST on Tuesday, after Billie earlier stated that her pregnancy was "sweet, tender and adorable." They married on New Year's Eve last year in Eastbourne with Billie forced to use body doubles in the second series of the hit ITV2 show when her bulge became too apparent. The 26-year-old declared: "Being pregnant and filming scenes where you're having to be sexually provocative - when all you want to do is sit in a corner and eat - that was hard for me." Meanwhile, hubby Fox has followed his turn in the hit ITV1 drama Lewis with a role in the new contemporary drama Wired that has launched to good notices on ITV1. The couple were reportedly in a race to conceive with Piper's ex Chris Evans, who is expecting a child soon with his 28-year-old girlfriend Natasha Shishmanian. The 42-year-old revealed on his blog: "At the time of this writing, the little fella is not even fifteen hours old. He is cute as you like and didn't cry once for the few minutes I was there which was just a few moments ago."

Showtime Sets Premieres for January 18th

January 18th will be a ladies' night for Showtime as they announced today that The L Word and Secret Diary of a Call Girl will be returning and that new series The United States of Tara will be premiering. The L Word will kick off the lineup at 9, followed by Tara at 10, which is a new 30 minute series starring Toni Collete and John Corbett ( Sex and the City ). Collete plays a mother with a dissociative identity disorder (re: multiple personalities). Call Girl will finish out the evening at 10:30. Looks like a strong, lady-centric evening for Showtime ! Who's excited? Source: TV Guide

The sex tips I gave Billie, by the real-life call girl who inspired her TV role

By Belle du Jour September 23, 2007 Billie looked as nervous as I felt. "What happens in a GFE?" she asked. Wow, I thought. She'd clearly been doing her research. GFE is short for girlfriend experience. It's popular with men who don't like to feel they're paying someone for sex. "Lots of staying in," I said. "DVDs and bottles of Shiraz." "What would you wear?" "Date-cute, not too casual but not formal. But always with matching underwear." Looking embarrassed, Billie then said: "What do you do when you're coming to the end of the hour, and the client isn't, er, finished?" "Try to make him feel relaxed, take his mind off the clock: a bath and massage." If you had told me four years ago that Billie Piper would be playing me on television and asking me for sex tips, I would never have believed you. But then, so much of my life has been incredible since I became Britain's most famous prostitute. In 2003, like thousands of other recent graduates, I ended up in London looking for a job. With only a small student debt and a bit of money saved up, I thought I was set for a few months, but my surplus was quickly drained by rent and a thousand trivial expenses. My daily routine consisted of poring over the job pages and writing enthusiastic and sycophantic application letters, knowing I'd never be interviewed. I watched my mean savings dwindle away as buying a Travelcard became the highlight of each week. And while I have a crippling lingerie habit, even cutting down the intake of lacy things was not going to help much. Aware of my situation and that, in the past, I hadn't been averse to sex with strangers, my good friend N set me up with a couple he knew who were looking to pay someone to join them in bed. The experience was an enjoyable one and taking money for sex didn't feel half as bad as I thought it would. I had stumbled upon the solution to my problems. I located what sounded like a small, discreet agency over the internet. After email contact I arranged to meet the manager. We got on and I signed up. About £300 for an hour's work hardly sounded like exploitation. Even better, I was to discover that I enjoyed sex work. My clients were normal men. A lot of young guys with no time for a girlfriend, or older men on business trips. A few chaps were separated from their wives. Sure it got kinky at times, but it was nothing I couldn't handle. A brief chat, a glass of bubbly, sex and a taxi home. Hardly a long day in the salt mines. In fact, I found the job so fascinating that I wanted to tell everyone I met what I had been up to. Of course, I couldn't do that; most of my friends and family had no idea what I really did for a living. So, instead, I started keeping a diary online, using the pseudonym Belle de Jour. But although I kept writing about my experiences, I had no idea who was reading it - if anyone. Then I won the Best British Weblog competition and things changed overnight. I guess that the blog attracted attention because my image is so different from the stereotypes. I'm university-educated and not from a deprived background. I've never used drugs. My parents stayed married and I'm close to them both. It's not exactly Pretty Woman - Richard Geres are thin on the ground - but it's not what people expect, either. I'm fortunate: for women who are streetwalkers, or drug-addicted, it's a very different story. But my experience is not that uncommon. You'd be surprised how many middle-class girls have dipped into this secret life. My notoriety sparked a media frenzy to uncover my identity, which thankfully remains a secret, and I went on to publish two books. Then, last year, I got a call from my agent telling me that ITV wanted to turn the experiences of Belle de Jour into a television series. Read the rest of the story here:

Billie Piper uses body doubles in The Secret Diary Of A Call Girl.

Billie Piper was forced to use two body doubles as her pregnant figure did not allow the cameras to film close ups of her growing body. Billie's character, Belle De Jour, in the TV show, The Secret Diary of a Call Girl , often showed the character stripping down to her underwear. There was one body double who was skinny and another model who had a fuller figure. These body doubles helped the film director to get the shots that required close range shooting. Billie Piper is expecting to deliver her first child in October. She and her husband, Laurence Fox, are presently having a short break in Paris. For more from the source, click here .

Series Two: Coming to ITV2 Sept 2008

Billie Piper is back as Belle in a second series of Secret Diary of a Call Girl on ITV2 in 2008. The series that achieved record audiences of more than two million in 2007 returns to the UK channel for a further eight episodes in September 2008. Based on the best-selling, real life diaries of an upmarket escort, Secret Diary allows us a deeper look into the world of the glamorous and intelligent Belle de Jour (Billie Piper) – Hannah to her family. Belle is now a high-class independent escort. Unintentionally befriended by the bubbly but clingy Bambi (Ashley Madekwe - Trial & Retribution and Drop Dead Gorgeous), Belle finds herself an unwilling mentor to this wannabe call girl. And while her best friend Ben, the only person who knows about her secret life, seems to be settling down into domestic bliss, Belle is throwing herself into work. But then Hannah meets Alex the handsome doctor who she mistakes for a client in a hotel bar. Belle faces the most difficult question of all – can you keep having sex for money if you’re falling in love? Will the girl who thinks she has it all ever really manage to have a relationship? To her parents she’s Hannah, the legal secretary. Hannah has a responsible job that involves working lots of unsocial hours in the evening. Hannah has her own set of clothes and her own friends. To her clients Belle is…whatever they want her to be. She can be the quiet girl-next-door. Or she can be the high-heeled dominatrix who whips them into submission. Her mission is to make money by satisfying male fantasies. As she tells us in the first episode: “Work out what the client wants as fast as you can and give it to him.” Series one is being repeated on ITV1 from May 21, 2008.

Weeds Scores Showtime a Ratings High

The season premiere of Weeds last night earned Showtime its highest rated telecast ever, and was up 64% from last season's premiere! Following Weeds, Secret Diary of a Call Girl also gave Showtime its best ever debut for a new series. Source: TV Guide

Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Promo Photos

Promo photos and posters from the new (to) Showtime series Secret Diary Of A Call Girl. Secret Diary Of A Call Girl Promo Photos

Secret Diary of a Call Girl Hits Showtime

Secret Diary of a Call Girl found its popularity in the UK, and will be coming to the U.S. on Showtime this summer! Secret Diary of a Call Girl follows the real-life story of call girl, blogger, and author Belle de Jour, played in the series by "British sensation" Billie Piper. The series makes its Showtime premiere Monday, June 16th at 10:30/9:30c after the season premiere of Weeds , so check out the scoop on this intriguing show! Showtime Trailer Bloopers