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Sesame Street Bosses Grouchy With STX Over Melissa McCarthy Flick Happytime Murders

Calling in the Big Birds, Sesame Street s parent company has takenSTXProductions to court to stop being blatantly associated with marketing of the"explicit, profane, drug-using, misogynistic, violent" film TheHappytimeMurders, which stars Melissa McCarthy and is directed by one of Jim Hensons family members. With the tale of puppets from the cast of a 1980s TV show being knocked off one after another, the Brian Henson-helmed flick is set to come out this summer   ...Read More...

Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards: Bold And The Beautiful, Sesame Street Top Winners

CBS The Bold and The Beautiful and HBOs Sesame Street had seven wins apiece tonight to lead the way at the Daytime Creative Arts Emmy Awards. The show, which honor daytime television programming crafts and are put on by the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, was held at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium. The news comes ahead of the 45th annual Daytime Emmy Awards on Sunday, with Mario Lopez and Sheryl Underwood as hosts of the digital telecast. This year, ABC   ...Read More...

A Behind the Scenes Look at Sesame Street Puppeteering

Learning how the Sesame Street puppets are operated behind the scenes is pretty interesting. Some of what you would expect is easy enough to figure out, but hearing just what goes into it is still enough to make your eyes widen in amazement. For instance, some of the puppets are costumes combined with interior mechanisms that hep to work the eyes, the limbs, and the mouths. Others are operated using metal poles for their arms and by hand since they’re small enough that they can be worked in a more traditional method. If that sounds too simple however then take into account the fact that it’s the most basic explanation of how the puppets work. For instance, Snuffleupugus takes two people to operate and while the guy in the back has to lean backward the guy in the front has to lean forward so that it won’t appear that the character has a sway in their back. The person in front then has to operate the mouth with one hand, the trunk, the eyes, and remember to coordinate his movements with the person in the back to make it all work as a cohesive unit. This could possibly be one of the hardest if not the hardest puppets in Sesame Street, and it likely weighs quite a bit so it’s not bound to be an easy task. READ MORE...

'Sesame Street' Turns "Despacito" Into a Song About Rubber Ducks

The long-running, pop culture savvy children's show  Sesame Street  is always up for a parody, regardless of whether the source material is actually kid-friendly. "Despacito," a song inoffensive to listeners who don't bother with Spanish translations, is the latest phenomenon to get the  Sesame  remix. This one is called "El Patito," which is Spanish for rubber duckie, one of Ernie's favorite things. Luis Fonsi's hit is currently spending its 15th week as the country's No. 1, and it's just one week away from tying Mariah Carey and Boyz II Men's "One Sweet Day" for the longest reign at the top spot.   ...Read More... //

Sesame Street Takes on Healthy Snacking With Orange Is the New Black Parody (Video)

What do kids love? Snacks, Sesame Street and Orange is the New Black, of course. Sesame Street has put out a number of parodies based on adult shows and films over the past few years, and the latest to get the treatment is the Netflix series Orange is the New Black, complete with a re-creation of the opening credits and characters lifted straight off the series. Of course, the childrens show staple had to make a few changes. Orangetakes place in a womens prison, so instead the Sesame Street skit takes place in a school. Instead of being a creepy prison guard and having the name Pornstache their teacher is named Mr. Mustache. Instead of Crazy Eyes its Googly Eyes.   ...Read More... //

Sesame Street Puts a Kid-Friendly Spin on Orange Is the New Black Watch

If you cant wait for Orange Is the New Black to return this Friday, we might have a small snack to tide you over for a while. Sesame Street has taken aim at the Netflix prison dramedy with a tasty new puppet-filled parody entitled Orange Is the New Snack, which you can watch above. In [] //

Sesame Street's Muppets Look F for Fantastic Dancing in Sia Wigs

Sia stopped by the childrens show to share a song and a hairdo. ...Read More... //

3 Times Sesame Street Trolled Donald Trump, Years Before He Targeted PBS (Videos)

Years before he became president, Donald Trump was mercilessly and gleefully mocked by Sesame Street. The iconic childrensshow has never been big onpolitics. Butin the last few decades its writers featured the real-estate tycoon as Ronald Grump, a heartless and unsympathetic character looking to trick residents out of their homesso he could built his lavish Grump Tower project. Now, the episodes featuring Grump arebeing resurfacedjust as the man who inspiredthemis threatening to defund PBS, the network which airs the show (it also airs now on HBO.) ...Read More... //

Sesame Street Introducing a Muppet With Autism

60 Minutes announced the character, Julia, will debut on Sesame Street soon. ...Read More... //

Sesame Street Sneak Peeks: Meet Julia, a Muppet Character With Autism

Sesame Streethas released its first clips of a new Muppet character Julia, a 4-year-old with autism. Having existed for more than a year in print and digital offerings as part of Sesame Workshops Sesame Street and Autism: See Amazing in All Children initiative, this marks the characters live-action debut. In the first clip embedded [] //