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Sesame Street

"The Alphabet Road Show"

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Sesame Street S37E17
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The Alphabet Road Show is coming to Sesame Street. It’s the show that takes you on the road in search of unusual people saying the alphabet in unusual ways. David Letterguy, the host of the show, arrives and is ready to roll tape. Telly and Baby Bear know exactly how they are going to say the alphabet, but Elmo is still unsure. Baby Bear is first and he says the alphabet while he’s waiting for his porridge to cool. Telly says the alphabet while bouncing on his pogo stick and wearing a triangle hat. Elmo is next, but he still can’t think of an unusual way to say the alphabet. Elmo decides that he is going to go for a bike ride to help him think. David Letterguy is about to leave, when all of a sudden he hears Elmo saying the alphabet while riding his tricycle. This is an unusual way to say the alphabet! Elmo makes it on the show!
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