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Sesame Street

"Happy Birthday Rocco!"

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Zoe is having a birthday party for her pet rock Rocco. She made her very own invitations and everyone’s invited. Even Elmo is going, and he has always just thought of Rocco as a rock. The only problem now is what do you get a rock for his birthday? With the help of Super Grover and Miles, Elmo decides to draw a picture of Rocco on a pony and give it to him for a present. Now it’s time for the party! The Street is decorated and all of Rocco’s family and friends are there to celebrate. It’s the greatest party they have ever been to for a rock. There’s a clown, birthday cake and presents. Everyone has gotten Rocco such thoughtful gifts, too. Zoe says that Rocco is very thankful and that he has never been so happy.
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