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Sesame Street

"The Pretend Tricycle"

Date Aired: Aug 22, 2007 (United States)

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Elmo lets Big Bird ride his tricycle, but as soon as Big Bird sits down on it, it breaks! Elmo is sad about his broken tricycle and Big Bird feels bad because he didn’t mean to break it. Gordon helps them both feel better by reminding them that they can take the broken tricycle to the Fix-It Shop! Elmo, Big Bird and Gordon carry the broken tricycle to the Fix-It Shop, but Maria is busy with another customer and can’t help them right away. Elmo and Big Bird try to think of what they can do while they wait, but all they can think about is how much they both wish Elmo could be riding his tricycle. As Elmo talks, Big Bird motions as if he were riding a pretend tricycle. This gives Elmo the idea to begin riding a pretend tricycle, too. They sing a song about their imaginary rides, describing all that they see and all they can do. Pretend tricycles are lots of fun because they can ride them anywhere their imagination takes them, even under the sea! Elmo has so much fun riding his pretend tricycle with Big Bird that when his real tricycle is fixed, he decides to keep playing with Big Bird
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