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"The Tale of Sleepy Grouchy"

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Oscar and Grundgetta are reading “The Tale of Sleeping Grouchy,” and Slimey, Telly and Elmo join them. The story tells the tale of a princess that was so grouchy, she said things like, “Phooey!” “Ewwww!” and “Sounds horrible!” One day, while on a walk, the grouchy princess said “Phooey!” so many times that a wizard who was walking nearby cast a spell on the her, putting her to sleep for a hundred years! Princess Grouchy’s parents were very upset. They loved their grouchy daughter dearly and wanted to find a way to break the sleeping spell. They offered a reward to any prince who could wake the princess up. Prince Elmo came and tried to tickle Princess Grouchy awake with a feather, but it didn’t work. Prince Telly played his loud tuba but Princess Grouchy still did not wake up. Finally, Prince Slimey arrived. Everyone wondered how a tiny worm could break such a strong spell, but Prince Slimey knew exactly what to do. He gave Princess Grouchy a sweet, loveable kiss on the cheek. She awoke with an “Ewwww!” and lived grouchily ever after.
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