Sesame Street
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Sesame Street

"Up In The Air"

Date Aired: Oct 13, 2010 (United States)

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Big Bird and Snuffy are having a playdate and jumping in the arbor to see who can stay in the air the longest. They quickly realize that they come right back down after jumping in the air. Gordon comes by and explains that they can’t stay up in the air because of gravity. They might not be able to see it, but gravity pulls everything-big and small-down to the ground. Big Bird and Snuffy watch as Gordon shows them examples of gravity by experimenting with different items such as a book, a writing pad, a ruler, and a pencil. Shortly after Gordon leaves, Big Bird and Snuffy see Abby and tell her what they have just learned. They can’t help but think how fun it would be if there wasn’t any gravity and they could float in the air. With some help from Abby’s magic, they do just that! Floating is so much fun until they try to play catch, and the ball doesn’t come down. Then, they try to play with their racecar, but it floats away too. Even their sandwich floats away! Suddenly, Gordon floats toward them and calls Abby to bring back gravity so things can return to normal. With a spell and the wave of her wand, gravity returns. Big Bird and Snuffy happily return to the ground and continue their playdate!
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