Sesame Street
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Sesame Street

"Bert's Pigeon Search"

Date Aired: Oct 11, 2010 (United States)

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Elmo and Abby are making “brrr brrr” sounds with their toy spaceship when Bert shows up. He thinks the “brrr brrr” sounds are from the Blue Bar Pigeon, the last bird on his pigeon life checklist. He shows Elmo and Abby the list that has seven different colored Rock pigeons on it: spread, white, checker, pied, red, red bar, and blue bar. Elmo and Abby decide to help Bert find the last pigeon on his checklist. Leela reminds them to think about what they already know: a bird has feathers, a beak, and wings. As they use their binoculars to closely observe what’s around, they spot something that has all the characteristics! But it’s a Chickadee, a bird that is smaller then a pigeon and has its own unique bird call. Next, they spot a bigger bird, a Red Robin, but it has a red breast and sings its own beautiful song! They keep looking for a bird that has blue stripes on it and come upon a Blue Jay. He’s blue, but doesn’t make the same sound as a Blue Bar Pigeon. Elmo and Abby almost get discouraged, but then they remember that a Blue Bar Pigeon sounds just like their spaceship from earlier. As they listen and look closely, they discover a bird that’s the right size. It has blue bars on its wings and makes the “brrr brrr” bird call. They did it. They found the Blue Bar Pigeon! Bert celebrates by checking the bird off his list and doing the pigeon dance!
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