Sesame Street
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Sesame Street

"Music Magic"

Date Aired: Oct 07, 2010 (United States)

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Abby is showing Elmo new magic tricks when her mommy calls to remind her to return her books to the library. Abby rushes off, leaving her wand behind by mistake. Elmo wonders if he can do magic with Abby’s wand and decides to pretend he is a music conductor. All of a sudden, everyone on Sesame Street begins singing! Bob and Gordon sing about playing chess, the children sing about playing basketball, and Baby Bear and Alan sing about porridge. Elmo realizes he can even make Baby Bear and Alan sing in different pitches by waving the wand high or low. Then he makes Chris and Leela sing about a mustard stain in both soft and loud voices. Luckily, Abby shows up and stops the music. Leela helps Elmo realize that he doesn’t need magic to get people to sing. He just needs to reach deep inside himself to find the music. When he starts singing, people will join in!
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