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Silver Spoon Season 2 Episode #11 Anime Review (Season Finale)

As Hachiken heads home to get his brother’s old study guides, he runs into some old classmates. At first uncomfortable in saying hello to him since he was such a downer in middle school, they wind up impressed with his stocky build, his raising of a pig and the fact that the classmate he’s tutoring is a girl. While Hachiken leaves happy that he had a normal conversation, his old friends are struck by the fact that he’s very different from what he used to be. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/04/03/silver-spoon-season-2-episode-11-anime-review-season-finale/

Silver Spoon Season 2 Episode #10 Anime Review

Beginning at their return to school from Aki’s house, Aki reveals what happened between her family — that she admitted to her dream of working with horses and didn’t want to take over the ranch — through a phone call with Komaba. Now, she’s going to attend university, or at least try to. Hachiken, it seems, has made another promise, and has told Aki that he’ll help her study for entrance exams, what he knows is a difficult task when he looks at her earlier exams and can think of only one encouraging thing to say: “Definitely better than Tokiwa!” He figures out some tricks to help her by connecting historical events with horses, the only thing Aki seems capable of memorizing, but Hachiken knows he’s going to need some more help with this task. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/03/24/silver-spoon-season-2-episode-10-anime-review/

Silver Spoon Season 2 Episode #09 Anime Review

Hachiken, sick of friends telling him to let things go and not worry about problems that don’t concern him, finally lets it all out as he tells Aki to “drag me into things.” Despite protestations, he explains that he knows he will be hurt, and that he can’t fix it, but he wants to understand. It’s a big moment for Hachiken, finally demanding this from her, but Aki makes her own revelation about her tightlipped, closed-off personality: she couldn’t stand to see Hachiken hurt himself over this, and she tried to keep him at a distance. But now she knows she can’t do that anymore, and she vows to let him in on her problems. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/03/17/silver-spoon-season-2-episode-09-anime-review/

Silver Spoon Season 2 Episode #08 Anime Review

“Grief for cheese can only be assuaged by more cheese.” This is Nakajima’s declaration as he enlists Hachiken and Aki to assist him making more cheese to replace the stock eaten at the school festival. What proceeds is several zen-like minutes (broken up by humor, of course) of Nakajima leading the students through the production of cheese, as they create the whey, and remove the lactose. It’s actually a pretty informative scene, and also brings Hachiken another mini epiphany, that agriculture can be so interesting when you look at it in different ways like cheese-making being like chemistry (and also, that agriculture is super delicious). Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/03/10/silver-spoon-season-2-episode-08-anime-review/

Silver Spoon Season 2 Episode #07 Anime Review

Now that the festival is over, and Hachiken is back in (mostly) good health, Hachiken has time for something he’s been looking forward to for ages — a date with Aki. Hearing about a local shrine with horse enma, he asks her there, to which she reacts with adorable delight. The scenes leading up to and involving the date are mostly good for humor: Tokiwa, seeing the two of them leave, attempts to tag along until all of Aki’s girl friends beat the snot out of him and tell Aki and Hachiken to run, and then when they arrive and the entire equestrian club is already there, making their own wishes. But it’s also full of sweet moments, as they write their wishes together, and the whole event is even more awkwardly cute now that Aki knows how Hachiken really feels, and seems more and more to be returning those feelings. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/03/03/silver-spoon-season-2-episode-07-anime-review/

Silver Spoon Episode #09 Anime Review

It’s the first day back at Ezonoo after summer vacation, and Hachiken’s first stop is to check in on Pork Bowl. He’s shocked to see that the little piglet has exploded in size over the past month, but learns that because he’s too submissive with the other pigs about food, his meat is likely to be given an off-grade — meaning that when Pork Bowl is butchered, he’ll barely be worth anything. This sets Hachiken on a mission to up Pork Bowl’s weight, something that seems a bit morbid considering he’s so desperate to take care of a pig who will soon be butchered. And even though Hachiken hopes that spending this time with Pork Bowl will help him reach a decision, he admits that he is only getting more conflicted about his feelings about Pork Bowl getting turned into meat. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2013/09/10/silver-spoon-episode-09-anime-review/

Silver Spoon Season 2 Episode #06 Anime Review

After his collapse at the end of last episode, Hachiken’s friends sit fretting in the equestrian club room. Worried about their friend, they also know that they have to continue with the festival events. Lucky for them, Ayame (Aki’s middle school “rival”) shows up and agrees to help out, albeit in her over-the-top conceited way, and Aki finds Hachiken’s notes for the day, allowing them to pull off the jumps and the Ban’ei race as best as they can. These scenes are where much of the episode’s humor lies, mainly with Ayame showing off and then being forced to be part of the human Ban’ei race against Aki. But there are meaningful moments as well, like when Aki explains what’s happening in the jumping competition to a small girl. After the one of the horses refuses twice and gets disqualified, the rider still tries one more time and makes a jump. It’s because, Aki explains, they don’t want the horse to lose confidence in what he’s doing. “That tells the horse that he can still jump after failing.” A rather pertinent comment, considering the issues Hachiken is having.  Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/02/15/silver-spoon-season-2-episode-06-anime-review/

Silver Spoon Season 2 Episode #05 Anime Review

With the equestrian competition over, Hachiken and his classmates now prepare for the Ezonoo school festival. As usual, Hachiken winds up with far too much on his plate. When lecturing classmates about the budget of their Pork Soup Cafe, they all nominate him to be in charge of that event’s spending. He’s also the lead man of the equestrian club’s events, which includes a Ban’ei race (the draft horse pulling race we saw back in season one). While Hachiken does pull in some outside help, like asking his roommate Nishikawa to paint the Ban’ei sleds, and letting Tokiwa take Vice Prez for a walk, but his tasks still pile up, so he loses more and more sleep, becoming more and more exhausted… Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/02/09/silver-spoon-season-2-episode-05-anime-review/

Silver Spoon Season 2 Episode #04 Anime Review

This episode focus again on Hachiken’s equestrian club as they prepare for a regional competition. The first year beginners are super panicky, as they worry about messing up in front of a bunch of people, and get a horrible pep talk from the club’s ex-president (he takes on an army-sargent mentality and calls them all maggots). A new character shows up on the scene, too, Ayame, the blonde girl that’s been appearing in the new opening sequence. She’s basically the classic snobby anime girl, with the super constant, very annoying “oh ho ho!” laugh. She and Aki attended to same primary school, and Ayame sees her as a rival — despite the fact that Aki responds to her declarations mildly and Ayame isn’t even in the same level of the competition. Right now Ayame seems pretty straightforward, which is a tad disappointing for an Arakawa character, but hopefully if she continues to take part in the plot she’ll begin to show more depth. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/02/02/silver-spoon-season-2-episode-04-anime-review/

Silver Spoon Season 2 Episode #03 Anime Review

In Hachiken’s equestrian club it’s time for the inexperienced first years to learn jumping. Everyone is anxious, but when Hachiken goes up first Maron, the grumpy horse he’s been riding since he joined the club, refuses to jump. The other newbies make it on their first try, but when a determined Hachiken tries again he gets the same result. He blames the horse, but when Aki, and then one of the newbies, takes rides Maron he makes the jump easy. Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2014/01/28/silver-spoon-season-2-episode-03-anime-review/