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‘Snowfall’ Review: John Singleton Takes on the 1980s Crack Epidemic in FX’s Latest

Though its focus is on the early days of the crack-cocaine epidemic in 1980s South Central L.A., the true subject of FX’s Snowfall is entrepreneurship. To be specific, the series chronicles the desperate, dangerous, and wildly illegal lengths that minorities were often pushed toward taking to build up any kind of wealth under President Ronald Reagan and the watchful, lethal gaze of the LAPD. As such, Snowfall is also an indictment of capitalism and a government that willingly enabled the spread of drug addiction in black neighborhoods to fund a guerrilla war while also extolling nonsensical and almost proudly hypocritical domestic drug policies. It is not meant to be a lite watch. READ MORE...

Snowfall Is a Clever, Retro-Pulp Thriller

This FX drama about the rise of crack in the 80s takes its cues from gangster movies, but its best when its yakking, not whacking.   ...Read More... //

Review: FXs Snowfall Dramatizes an Origin Story for Crack Cocaine

This series from the director of Boyz N the Hood is about the drugs impact in the 1980s, but its human characters are lost in the sprawl.   ...Read More...

Snowfall Review: FX's Crack Origins Drama Breaks New Ground

Snowfall Review: FX's Crack Origins Drama Breaks New Ground   ...Read More... //

Snowfall Review: FX's '80s Drug Drama Is Too Scattered to Get You Hooked

Theres an intriguing, vibrant story at the heart of FXs new drama Snowfall. Unfortunately, there are also two other, less interesting stories that come along with it and the show ends up ODing on an excess of ambition. Snowfall, debuting this Wednesday at 10/9c, comes from co-creator/executive producer John Singleton, who immortalized the streets [] //

Snowfall Review: FXs Dense John Singleton Drug Drama Lacks Focus

No one could ever accuse FX 's July 5-debuting Snowfall of lacking ambition, but the John Singleton executive produced series about the rise of the crack epidemic seriously stumbles in its execution. Where there should be a hit of sheer adrenaline, the unfocused Los Angeles 1983-set first season simply plods along, as I say in my video review above. Things do get sharper as you go deeper into Snowfall s 10-episode first season, but it is a sluggish journey reaching that  ...Read More... //