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The popular franchise heads to The Big Easy for "Southern Charm New Orleans," offering viewers an exclusive glimpse into the sophisticated Creole culture of NOLA. Hidden away from the beads and beats of Bourbon Street is an exclusive community filled with wealth, legacy and tradition. Although the prestige in this town is plentiful, everything that glitters isn’t gold, and underneath brews a multitude of shocking secrets that could destroy the foundation of long-standing friendships. In a city where lineage and status are everything, how far will this ambitious group go to redefine their legacy and secure their spot at the top of this esteemed circle?

Episode Guide

16 episodes

  • 8 episodes
    8 episodes
    • July 28, 2019
    • s2e7No Thanks Given
      July 21, 2019
    • s2e6Birthdays and Breaking Down
      July 14, 2019
    • s2e5The Runway Runaway
      July 7, 2019
    • s2e4Housewarming Gone Cold
      June 30, 2019
    • s2e3Nightmare on Bourbon Street
      June 16, 2019
    • s2e2Jewels and Bad Juju
      June 9, 2019
    • s2e1Back in the Big Easy, Baby!
      June 2, 2019
  • 8 episodes
    8 episodes