Space Battleship Yamato Episode Guide

Space Battleship Yamato is a Japanese science fiction anime series and the name of its eponymous space craft. It is also known to English-speaking audiences as Space Cruiser Yamato or Star Blazers; an English-dubbed and partly edited version of the series was broadcast on American and Australian television under the latter title.

Episode Guide

52 episodes

  • 26 episodes
    26 episodes
    • s2e26Be Forever, Yamato
    • s2e25Yamato: Invasion of the Imperial City
    • s2e24Death Struggle; Two Brave Men!
    • s2e23The Fated Showdown!
    • s2e22Yamato, Fight to the End!
    • s2e21Courage -- Death of Hijikata!
    • s2e20Yamato -- Leading a Surprise Attack!
    • s2e19Yamato -- Warp Collision
    • s2e18The Decisive Battle. All Ships Ready!
    • s2e17Telezart -- Fade into the Cosmos!
    • s2e16Teresa -- Farewell to Love
    • s2e15Teresa -- The Beginnings of Love
    • s2e14Counterattack! The Meeting of Teresa
    • s2e13Fierce Attack! Landing on Telezart
    • s2e12Will Yamato Perish in the Tunnel Satellite?
    • s2e11Desslok, the Vengeful Demon!
    • s2e10Crisis Relief! The Power of the Wave Motion Gun
    • s2e9Charge! Destroy the Yamato!
    • s2e8Space Storm! Escape is Impossible
    • s2e7Counterattack! The Unseen Space Sub
    • s2e6Heavy Fighting! The Space Marines
    • s2e5Main Guns! Target, Yamato!
    • s2e4Take Off to the Unknown!
    • s2e3Earth's Endangerment Awakens Yamato!
    • s2e2The Comet Appears; Remodeling the Yamato!
    • s2e12201: Yamato Returns!
  • 26 episodes
    26 episodes