Sparrow's Hotel
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Sparrow's Hotel

"The Invincible Front Desk Lady"

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Some men in front of a neighboring bar spot the gorgeous Sayuri Sat? and follow her to the Sparrow's Hotel. Here, Sayuri helps keep the hotel running by handling day to day activities such as helping guests check in/out. The manager, Tamaki Shiokawa attempts to show Sayuri how to make the hotel beds properly although Sayuri, unable to control herself, just jumps on it once it's made. Just then, Sayuri is tasked by Tamaki to help a drunk guest sober up. Some time later, Tamaki tells Sayuri how the hotel got its name all the while disappointing would-be suitors. Sayuri is later caught with two kunai by the hotel's front desk agent Misono before Tamaki tells her to use force to stop some drunkards from kicking the hotel's sign.
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