Sparrow's Hotel
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Sparrow's Hotel

"Large Breasts and Assassination"

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Tamaki sweeps the front of the hotel while the nearby bar's drunkards have a scuffle. As Sayuri protects Tamaki from a random flying bucket, she rips her skirt. Misono again sees the kunai, prompting him to ask Tamaki about her. A flashback shows that when Sayuri filled out her job application, she left "work experience" blank, claiming it was confidential but that her strong points were "large breasts and assassination." Afterwards Misono concludes that Sayuri acts like the hotel's bouncer, by getting rid of undesirables. Soon Tamaki's brother, the hotel's Business Manager - Shiokawa, makes an appearance. After seeing Sayuri take down the random drunkards in front of the hotel, he leaves her to protect Tamaki.
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