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Sparrow’s Hotel Episode #04 Anime Review

While the show may be stationary since it revolves around the hotel, it is a situation where all sorts of people can wander into it and that brings a good bit of variety. Such is the arrival of a young woman named Yuu Kojou, a spy that’s come to check out the place and what Sayuri is all about. She’a a comical young woman from the start because she has a child-like sense of fun about being a spy and she works over the staff pretty well in trying to see how they all are and what they react to. Of course, Sayuri is the one who goes over the top in reactions, but she’s also able to discern what Yuu is from almost the start based on intent, which is fun to watch Read More... //www.fandompost.com/2013/04/30/sparrows-hotel-episode-04-anime-review/