Sparrow's Hotel

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Sparrow's Hotel

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Mondays, 7:00 PM EST on AT-X
Tracked 3 Times
1 Seasons, 12 Episodes
30 Minutes
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Sparrow's Hotel follows the daily activities of Sayuri Sat?, Tamaki Shiokawa and Misono as they manage the Sparrow's Hotel along with the many different types of people and misadventures they encounter along the way.


The Infiltrator Returns

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Yu gets transferred to the Business Department and has a meeting with Shiokawa. Later that day, Yu then shows up at the Sparrow's Hotel to let them know of her new position and is surprised that they were able to see through her disguise from her last visit. As Yu, starts sulking, Sayuri pulls out a kunai and moves to attack Yu because of her ninja training before she is stopped by Tamaki. Just then, Tamaki's brother shows up and asks that Yu give him her report over dinner of whether any "undesirable men are going after Tamaki", which causes her to label him a siscon. As they head to dinner, Yu is disgusted by Shiokawa's closeness to Tamaki, although he doesn't seem to understand what the problem is.

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