Star Trek: Voyager

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Star Trek: Voyager

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Mondays on UPN
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7 Seasons, 172 Episodes
60 Minutes
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Pulled to the far side of the Galaxy, where the Federation is 75 years away at maximum warp speed, a crew must come to terms with hostile aliens along the way.

Show Reviews

by jcfan

Dec 31, 2014 7:33 PM EST

I love all the Star Trek series, but I like the "middle three" (DS9, TNG, Voyager) the best. It's hard to pick which of the three I like best though, but this one is really good. love the characters. This along with TNG and Enterprise I felt could've easily went on for another season (or two?). Goes without saying that this is a great sci-fi series and a great Star Trek series. Obviously if you are a fan of one or the other you should check this show out.

by dru2u2

Nov 30, 2014 4:56 PM EST

An entertaining attempt to return start trek to it's frontiersy roots. A companion show to DS9, voyager took the familiar route of being set on a starship as opposed to the station setting in DS9 to avoid repetition and it worked. Whilst DS9 broke new ground with a darker tone and season wide story arcs voyager transported us to unknown worlds and introduced brand new races to trek lore, add to this the first female captain and a return to fan favourite baddies the borg and they had themselves a winning combination. The series has been accused of using too much technobabble to resolve issues but lets face it, if you watch science fiction you have to expect a bit of science otherwise you have "pigs in space"!

by Dominic Wade

Nov 03, 2014 2:48 PM EST

I admit that yes, I had a thing for Seven (but then again who wouldn't), but aside from hot Borgs including Alice Krige's excellent portrayal as the Borg Queen in the final episode, I felt that this was an excellent show.

by OLIVE_W-76

Nov 18, 2019 1:56 PM EST


by Izzy2be

Jul 29, 2015 5:52 PM EDT

Although I am more of a Star Wars fan, I love Star Trek because it's CLASSIC ♥ A Must SEE for strong women!

by bigbill947

Nov 21, 2014 8:32 AM EST

A spin-off in a new direction , as the crew of the Voyager are kidnapped Lock ,stock and Star Ship ! But hold on , they are all transported to a new Galaxy so far from Home , it will take a
un-believe-able amount of time , even at Warp speed , to ever see home in their lifespan ! But maybe they can find the Forces who took them away , to send them Home. As we follow them on their Mission to get Home. Another great cast and terrific stories !
Rodenberry was one of them , for sure!

by cdsdiver124

Aug 31, 2014 12:38 PM EDT

Fun show

by Melissa-LeeM

May 13, 2019 5:58 AM EDT

Meh, it was ok. Seemed a little rushed in the last couple of episodes as they rushed to get them home before the series ended.

by rachelsdfd

Feb 26, 2018 11:57 AM EST

My favourite of all the Star Trek seasons. A lot more interesting characters, aliens and storylines due to the ship being in a whole new quadrant of the galaxy to previous seasons. This season also delves into the idea of "humanity" more than the other seasons which I loved watching.


Sep 26, 2017 11:41 AM EDT

So far I liked voyager the best of the star treks, i just didn't love the captain.
I like the collaborative discussions that they would have while making decisions. My favorite character was the the hologram doctor.

by mike_9000

Mar 12, 2017 12:38 PM EDT

Voyager marked the point that the Star Trek formula became too familiar and just ran out of new possibilities.

The new situation could have introduced a number of number of moral dilemmas centring around the question of how to maintain your high ideal without having the rest of the Federation around to support you. It didn't really.

It started with the same old 'aliens' (who were rarely very alien (prostheses notwithstanding) and situations but it was hard to come up with something new after all those other episodes in all those other series. The Borg livened things up for a while... but they were too big and too bad to make the survival of Voyager feasible - and the ending just came out of nowhere, stuck on so the series could be brought to a satisfactory end.

Worthwhile for fans, but it never managed to say anything new or interesting.

by steelsheen

Jun 25, 2016 4:56 PM EDT

this was a show that never should've made the move from a paper project to real life.

by Raissa Oostrum

Apr 13, 2015 10:46 AM EDT

i've watched them all

by gryphon125

Feb 23, 2015 6:30 AM EST

My second favourite Start Trek. Really good idea and great cast.

by SwollenTastebud

Dec 22, 2014 12:09 AM EST

Must watch for any Star Trek fan, but be prepared to be annoyed by many of the characters and the illogical situations they continually place themselves in. I'd rank it just above Enterprise in the scale.

by Mohammed87

Dec 16, 2014 11:56 PM EST

7 of 9 was the only reason I saw this whole series .

by cLoUless

Dec 06, 2014 9:56 AM EST

And again: Star Trek, this time a female captain and her crew (Federation and Maquis) are alone in the delta quadrant - more then 70 years away at maximum warp. Meet the Borg again (they do indeed not look Swedish) and one of their hottest assimilations "Seven of Nine". Only Neelix could have gotten jettisoned along the way...