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I can't believe joan and pappi are missing what do you guys think has happened and all that a million things are racing through my head and the first one involves David.....hmmmm....

LOOK Its Grace!!!!

I loved Debra in "Will & Grace"....It's great seeing her again...this show looks like it will be a household name very soon... sweet, sneaky and mean all in one... no doubt in my mind a BIG your work Debra...

The Starter Wife: Series Premiere Review

The Starter Wife makes its transformation from miniseries to series as it hits USA Network Friday at 9/8c for a 2-hour premiere! I really enjoyed the miniseries, and was very glad to hear it was coming back as a full series, but just as the exec. producers/screenwriters mentioned in their Q&A , it's difficult to continue a story that was wrapped up with the assumption it was meant to end. But digging into the screener of the 2-hour premiere, all my doubts of how they could make it work were washed away. I absolutely loved Debra Messing as Molly Kagan in the miniseries as she makes the perfect angry yet "fun" jilted Hollywood wife. In the miniseries, she was coming into her own during and after the divorce, trying to deal with being kicked out of all her clubs, losing all her friends but the few real ones, and learning to be a mother without much money at her fingertips. She learned to lean on her real friends, find her own means of income and passion as she wrote her first children's book, and even found love with Sam, who I so affectionately called in my miniseries reviews, "the Homeless Hottie." Who, by the way, has now run off to be Vampire Bill on True Blood . So, with that knowledge in hand, it seemed pretty clear things did not work out with Sam, which I was a little sad about until I actually started watching the premiere and saw it wouldn't have worked at all for Molly to continue with Sam because she moved into the "real world" of L.A. so her daughter can go to school and all can be as normal as possible. Molly did get some money from the divorce, but not a huge amount, so she has to be careful and is, only for her daughter, still partially dependent on Kenny. The aspects of the premiere that felt a bit off were the fact that when actors sign on for a miniseries, it's not guaranteed they'll be available to do a series should it arise. This means we lost Cricket to Cashmere Mafia (now canceled), and the original Kenny to House . Overall, though, this just gives Rodney the chance to step more into the spotlight as Molly's best friend along with Joan, and as for Kenny, it's an easy enough adjustment for the sake of having the series. Molly appears in the beginning of the series as a more confident and independent, and even more fun and hilarious, version of herself who struck out with her first book, lost love again, and has decided she's no longer dating, and it's time to join a writing circle - with a hot teacher and a group who takes themselves much more seriously than the likes of "Happy Waters." As you may recall if you saw the miniseries, it included many dreams of Molly's in which various movie sequences like The Wizard of Oz took place which would reflect her life situations. These continue and are even more fitting and hilarious than before. They've become a big part of the personality of the show and I have to say I love it! I enjoyed this premiere even more than the miniseries as the pace of a series really takes well to this story and the characters. The very best part that carried on from the miniseries, besides the spirit of the characters, is the spirit of the show as a whole - they're all dealing with some very tough life matters, yet it all comes off with the humorous side of it all, plus the true feelings as well which I think will only lead to much more success for The Starter Wife. If you were a fan of the miniseries, don't miss out, and if you weren't it's very easy to jump in with the premiere, so tune in to the 2-hour Starter Wife premiere Friday, October 10th at 9/8c on USA! Don't forget to enter SideReel's Starter Wife Prize Pack Giveaway !

The starter wife personal review

Oh my god this is a great show I can't wait to see it this fall.Just when i thought there was no compelling new shows for me this was a winner.Well thought out and really relates to women of all ages and strife.