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The Starter Wife is a 2007 USA Network television miniseries, starring Debra Messing and based on the novel of the same name by Gigi Levangie Grazer. Filmed over four months in Australia, the story is about Molly Kagan (Messing) putting together a new life and defining herself after years of marriage to a Hollywood studio head.

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Large day of the dead
Concluded TV Shows, Movies and Miniseries I watched and un-tracked to get to 500, and other shows I watched and not on tracker. 500 badge is still in profile after tracked shows is less than 500.
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Don't plan on watching right away, but I'll get to it.
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Oh you think you're funny eh... wise guy
Large day of the dead
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My big list of TV shows that I watched, plan to watch or currently watching. Tracker is the big enough .
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The are shows that are sitting in my Netflix queue or Amazon list waiting for me to get to them.
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TV shows That are concluded and I've finished watching.