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James Adkins

My name is James and I'm a tvoholic and I'm from Ohio. I love watching TV shows. My favorite kind is horror/thriller/suspense. I've been trying different kind of shows lately. There are too many tv shows to track. I'm in the process of cleaning my tracker. Maybe. Sometimes my movie watching gets in the way of my TV show watching. JamesFearX



Marvel's Daredevil

Yes, it is darker to other Marvel material but to me, it is more real. Hard hitting, action packed, intense entertainment. And this is just the beginning on the Netflix front.


From Heaven to Hell, and every where in between, Sam and Dean has been through it all. I loved it since the beginning. Supernatural will make you excited, let you down, pump you back up, scream, laugh and make you cry.

The Flash

Very awesome companion show to Arrow. Arrow is urban and gritty. Flash is fun and enjoyable. Characters are likeable and loveable. Love how each show plays off of each other.