Starting Up Episode Guide

Starting Up is a web-series from the widely popular business magazine, Entrepreneur, about staring a small business. In the digital series, successful small business owners give advice about how to properly create and operate a start up. From videos about how to properly choose an investor, and why it is not a good idea to just take any investor...

Episode Guide

25 episodes

  • 25 episodes
    25 episodes
    • s1e25Tim Enwall, President and COO, Tendril Networks
    • s1e24Todd Vernon, CEO , Lijit Networks
    • s1e23Brad Feld, Managing Director of the Foundry Group
    • s1e22Ari Newman, Founder and President of Filtrbox
    • s1e21Carey Hart: Xtreme Entrepreneur
    • s1e20Extremity Games
    • s1e18Startup Story: Out Of The Box Events
    • s1e17Running a Software Development Company
    • s1e16Creating a Product From Scratch
    • s1e15A Business Coach
    • s1e14The Importance of a Marketing Plan
    • s1e13Creating a Successful Clothing Label
    • s1e12Patenting Your Invention
    • s1e11Finding Investors for Your Business
    • s1e10Creating a Concise Message for Your Business
    • s1e9Getting Your Business off the Ground
    • s1e8Amy Swift, Editor-In-Chief of Ladies Who Launch
    • s1e7Clothing Boutique Owner Starts Online
    • s1e6Licensing Japanese Culture for U.S. Consumers
    • s1e5Startup Story: Out of the Box Marketing
    • s1e4The Big Easy Gets Entrepreneurial
    • s1e3Why, When and How to Franchise Your Business
    • s1e2Startup Advice from Professor Robert Foster
    • s1e1A Photographer