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Bag of Bones Part 2 Review: Custody Has Its Respnsibilities

So much of this miniseries just left me scratching my head. First head-scratcher of the evening? Why did Mattie, who Michael barely knew, go to his house to share good news about her daughter's custody battle? Could she really have that few friends in town? I assumed she grew up there. It was also amazing what his quick run in with Kyra did to derail a multimillionaire's case against his daughter-in-law who killed her husband. It just didn't make sense. Mattie is pretty, and Michael is hot, so I guess that was good enough for the screenwriters. Two attractive, slightly spunky outsiders come together at time when neither of them have anyone. Seemingly as good a reason as any other, I suppose. I prefer more depth in my relationships, and I just don't feel it here. Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2011/12/bag-of-bones-part-2-review-custody-has-its-respnsibilities/

'Bag of Bones': Did Pierce Brosnan live up to Stephen King's novel?

Nothing says holiday spirit like a four-hour Stephen King horror-fest on A&E! King's latest TV event, based on his novel "Bag of Bones," began Sunday night. A&E is calling it a mini-series, though it's only a two-night story, with four hours of programming split over Sunday and Monday nights.Keeping in mind the always difficult task of transferring over 500 pages of prose to the screen, "Bag of Bones" had more difficulties in pacing than some of King's previous made-for-TV adaptations. The most obvious problem, as we meandered through the first two hours of the series, was one of pacing.Pierce Brosnan plays Michael Noonan, a novelist plagued by writers' block after his wife's sudden death and some strange circumstances surrounding it. In a novel, you can pull off scene after scene of a writer staring at a blank page, since there's the benefit of an inner monologue. In the mini-series, the wordless scenes dragged on. The... //blog.zap2it.com/frominsidethebox/2011/12/bag-of-bones-did-pierce-brosnan-live-up-to-stephen-kings-novel.html

Bag of Bones Part 1 Review: Bells Will Ring, Are You Listening?

Bag of Bones was one of my very favorite books by Stephen King, but my excitement for the A&E miniseries was tampered because I know bringing an adaptation of a tom to the screen can be the difference between night and day. After this opening installment, I won't discuss the two together again. All I will say is that the initial credits did a disservice to the viewers. In an attempt to whet your appetites, in shots meant to shock and awe you into wanting to watch, producers took took some of the fun out of King's journey in to Michael Noonan, even if it was an adventure that was quite different that that of my old favorite. As most things in the world of King, this story takes place in the upper east coast and features a fair integration of character drama and the supernatural. I was a little disappointed in the pacing of the two hours. Much like a current favorite, American Horror Story , Noonan began hearing things go bump (or jingle) in the night. Not in one house, but in two. Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2011/12/bag-of-bones-part-1-review-bells-will-ring-are-you-listening/

Television review: 'Bag of Bones' rattles weakly

'Bag of Bones' stars Pierce Brosnan as a man surrounded by mysteries after his wife dies. The Stephen King tale is set in, where else, an odd Maine town. Before vampires and zombies ruled the Earth, there was Stephen King, the man who almost single-handedly reinvigorated the horror genre, in book, film and miniseries form. Along the way he also created his own personal algebra by which to predict the quality of whatever new project is in the offing. When one writes so many books, it is almost numerically impossible that all of them will be good, and some of King's aren't. But good or bad, most are adapted to film and/or TV, which requires a whole new set of variables. Adaptations of books requiring, as King's do, the creation of a particular mood, are very difficult; when they work — "The Shining," "Misery," "Salem's Lot," "The Stand" — they work big, but usually they don't. Read More... //feeds.latimes.com/~r/latimes/entertainment/news/tv/~3/atMDsQVjDCI/la-et-bag-of-bones-20111210,0,25319.story

Review: 'Stephen King's Bag of Bones' on A&E

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews "Stephen King's Bag of Bones," the new A&E miniseries in which Pierce Brosnan battles writer's block and a creaky ghost story. //www.hitfix.com/blogs/whats-alan-watching/posts/review-stephen-kings-bag-of-bones-on-a-e