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Ranking Every Steven Universe Season 3 Episode, From Good to Dazzling (Videos)

There arent very many TV shows, kids or otherwise, with a success rate as high as that of Steven Universe. Even the worst episodes of the series are fun, silly romps that play with the Crystal Gems interests and foibles or shed some more light on the residents of Beach City. With this summers slew of new episodes now complete, heres our picks for this seasons best episodes. 24.) Kikis Pizza Delivery Service: Like we said, not every episode can have a big battle or serious character introspection. Sometimes its fun just to watch Steven help fight a nightmare cheese monster while making references to Nightmare on Elm Street 3 and End of Evangelion. ....Read More... //

Steven UniverseIs Finally Doing an All-Musical Episode

One of the greatest things about Steven Universe a series with many great things to its name is its catchy soundtrack, whether thats its chiptunes-infused instrumentals or its repertoire of heartwarming songs. And one of the upcoming episodes of the season is going to be jam-packed with them.   Read More... //

‘Steven Universe’ ‘into The Deep’ Recap: Alexandrite Defeats Malachite; Steven Saves The Cluster

"Steven Universe" fans see Steven and his Crystal Gems are officially back with four week special programming "Into the Deep." Recap includes Alexandrite splits Jasper and Lapis Lazuli fusion while Steven saves the Gems in the Cluster. Before "Steven Universe" completely confirms or debunks spoilers disseminated around the internet, more information even recaps continuously surface online. One of the most popular speculation is Peridot being an official member of the Crystal Gems with Amethyst, Garnet, and Garnet. "Into the Deep" debuted with a back-to-back episodes with first episode called Super Watermelon Island, which more of a continuation of the episode "Watermelon Steven." The recap by iDigital Times states that Steven finally finds out what happened to his Watermelon clones. READ MORE...

On Steven Universe, Peridot Finally Makes a Big Decision

Ever since Peridot entered a tentative alliance with the Crystal Gems, the question of just what would happen to her has been on the lips of Steven Universe fans. Would she betray them? Join them? Well, whether she wanted to or not, Peridot made a decision in Message Received that changes Steven Universe in some huge ways.   Read More...     //

There Is Nothing More Adorable Than a Stealth Connie Episode of Steven Universe

Steven Universe is never afraid to turn its deft characterization skills to characters other than Steven himself, leading to the entire cast being incredibly well-fleshed out. But the show is always at it best when it turns its hand to Connie, and through her, the growth of Steven as a character as well.   Read More...     //