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58 episodes

  • 26 episodes
    26 episodes
    • s2010e715Why Does Hair Get Frizzy?
    • s2010e709How to Even Out Your Skin
    • s2010e702Two Strand Twist
    • s2010e630Asian Eye Makeup: Brown Shades
    • s2010e622How to Conceal Large Pores
    • s2010e615What Causes a Bad Hair Day?
    • s2010e513How to Apply 50s Pinup Eye Makeup
    • s2010e511How to Get Rid of Bruises
    • s2010e506How to Remove Makeup
    • s2010e426Texas Longhorn Chili Dip
    • s2010e423Tips for Applying Concealer
    • s2010e420Make a Handbag From Old Jeans
    • s2010e415How to Hem a Shirt
    • s2010e413How to French Braid Hair
    • s2010e412How to Braid Hair
    • s2010e303How to Care for Dreadlocks
    • s2010e301How to Create an Easy Curly Hair Updo
    • s2010e217How to Runway Walk
    • s2010e211Tips on Buying Shirts for Plus Sizes
    • s2010e204Fitting Bras for Plus Sizes
    • s2010e201How to Shave a Head
    • s2010e128Quick and Easy Witch Costume
    • s2010e126Tips on Fitting Bras for Petites
    • s2010e122Dramatic Pencil Eyeliner Trick
    • s2010e121Dress for Work Vintage Clothing
    • s2010e115How to Create Texture in Men
  • 32 episodes
    32 episodes