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  • 32 episodes
    32 episodes
    • s2009e1229Essential Newborn Clothes
    • s2009e1217Makeup Tips for Fuller Lips
    • s2009e1216Tips for Styling Curly Hair Types
    • s2009e1215How to Pluck and Shape Eyebrows
    • s2009e1214Tips for Buying Plus-Size Jeans
    • s2009e1211Great Winter Clothes Keep That Will Keep Kids Warm
    • s2009e1209How to Pluck and Shape Eyebrows
    • s2009e1208How to Apply Mascara With No Clumps
    • s2009e1203Tips for Wearing Jeans if You
    • s2009e1202How to Use Bronzer
    • s2009e1201Backstage at New York Fashion Week
    • s2009e1130How to Apply Self Tanner
    • s2009e1123How to Style Curly Hair
    • s2009e1119How to Create Baby Curl Twists
    • s2009e1117How to Buy Quality Vintage Shoes
    • s2009e1116How to Cut Your Own Bangs
    • s2009e1113A Guide to Facial Hair Styles for Men
    • s2009e1112Petite Fashion Don
    • s2009e1110How to Hide a Belly
    • s2009e1105How to Apply Liquid Eyeliner
    • s2009e1008How to Inspect Vintage Clothes
    • s2009e1001How to Sew a Cute Laptop Sleeve
    • s2009e909How to Braid Cornrows
    • s2009e907How to Throw a Great Party
    • s2009e812Dress to Look Taller
    • s2009e805How to Maximize a Petite Bust Line
    • s2009e804How to Play Charades
    • s2009e803How to Style the Goddess Braid
    • s2009e731Dress a Suit Up or Down
    • s2009e729How to Sew an iPod Case
    • s2009e720Spring Party Table Setting