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'Supernatural' Season 13: Lucifer's Son Is Out and About in New Set Video

If all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, Supernatural 's Sam and Dean better hope a little hunting expedition won't cause their nephilim cohort to unleash Jack Nicholson levels of crazy.  ...Read More... //

Supernatural Promotes Lucifer's Son to Series Regular Ahead of Season 13

Supernatural is filling the void left by Mark Sheppards departure with a new series regular for its upcoming 13th season and this ones no angel, either. (Or is he?) Alexander Calvert, who was introduced as Lucifers son Jack in the CW dramas 12th season finale, will return full-time this fall, reports. Per his [] //

'Supernatural' Season 13 Spoilers: The First 9 Episode Titles Promise Big Answers

Cliffhangers aside, the Supernatural 's hell-atus just became intensely unbearable. Titles for the first nine episodes of season 13 hit the internet, scratching that spoiler itch with the promise of some major answers.   Interspersed with a few clever puns and pop culture references, the titles initially appear innocuous. Nevertheless, at least four give us exciting insight into where Supernatural season 13 will go.   ...Read More... //

Supernatural EP on Spinoff's 'Different Set of Stories' and New Characters

If at first you dont succeed, try again and thats exactly what the Supernatural team is doing after its unsuccessful first spinoff attempt, which failed to earn a series order. Unlike Season 9s backdoor pilot Bloodlines, which was by design meant not to feel like the long-running CW drama from which it was spawned, [] //

Quiz: Rate These TV Shows and We'll Guess Your Age and Ideal Job

What does your TV taste say about you? More than you think. In fact, if you rate a few popular series using SideReel's five-star scale, we'll be able to tell you what your ideal occupation is and how old you are. Probably. Possibly. (It's all in good fun, friends.)     If you're having trouble viewing the quiz, click here . Let us know what you got below! p { text-align: justify; }

Supernatural: Spinoff Series Wayward Sisters Cast Revealed

Though it had been hinted at for weeks, aSupernaturalbackdoor pilot will air during the 13th season of the CW classic. This information was confirmed this week during theSupernaturalpanel at San Diegos Comic Con festivities. The series, if picked up by the network, will star Kim Rhodes. Rhodes plays Sheriff Jody Mills and has appeared in several episodes ofSupernaturalsince 2010. Along with Jody Mills, viewers will be welcomed by a cat of young women. These ladies all have been orphaned due to some type of supernatural disaster in their lives. Brianna Buckmaster will play Sheriff Donna Hanscum, Katherine Ramdeen will portray   ...Read More... //

How 'Supernatural' Pulled Off That Comic-Con Surprise With Kansas

Getting Kansas to play "Carry On Wayward Son," the show's unofficial theme song, was actually an idea three years in the making.  ...Read More... //

Jensen Ackles Dreamed the Saddest End Scene for Supernatural Ever

  The running joke on The CW seems to be that Supernatural will outlive our grandchildren's granchildren, but realistically speaking, it probably only has a few more years left in the tank. We all speculate when it will end, but not a lot of people seem concerned with how it will end.   ...Read More... //

Who Is the Real Baddie of 'Supernatural' Season 13?

Given the way that Supernatural season 12 ended, the primary antagonist (or obstacle) for Sam and Dean seems obvious. Sam and Dean were unable to halt the birth of Lucifer's son, Jack. According to the show's SDCC panel Jack will play a big part in the season. Jack just won't be the Big Bad.   In an interview with TVLine, showrunner Andrew Dabb talked about the main villain of season 13 and said, "Jack is not the biggest threat they are dealing with it's an old -- let's call him friend -- who we have not seen for many years." This "friend" is not "currently in our world" but comes from the alternate world that was introduced in the season 12 finale.  ...Read More... //

Supernatural EP Teases 'New' Big Bad (and No, It's Not Lucifer's Spawn)

As if the arrival of Lucifers offspring not to mention, the losses of pal Castiel, mom Mary and frenemy Crowley wasnt enough for the Winchesters to contend with, Supernatural is also pitting Dean and Sam against a familiar enemy in Season 13. [Lucifers child] Jack is not the biggest threat they are dealing [] //