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Nicholas Lea to Guest Star on Supernatural & Once Upon a Time

It looks like former X-Files star Nicholas Lea is doing double-duty in his home town of Vancouver.  He'll be appearing in two Vancouver-based shows: Supernatural and Once Upon a Time . The rumor has been floating around that Lea would be making a guest appearance on Supernatural , which was recently confirmed by one of the show's producers, Jim Michaels.  He tweeted : "Yes, I can confirm the other reports that he is in fact guest starring in Supernatural".  Other known guest stars for the show include Road Trip & Memphis Beat's DJ Qualls, who is appearing in this week's episode.  We will be seeing Lea in an early 2012 episode.  Supernatural's midseason finale airs in early December and then the show returns with new episodes on Friday, January 6. Lea will also be appearing in the new ABC series, Once Upon a Time , which was recently picked up for a full season by the network.  ABC has confirmed that he'll be playing Hansel and Gretel's father in an upcoming episode.  Other upcoming guest stars on Once Upon a Time include LOST's Alan Dale, who will be appearing as King George in episode 6, and LOST's Emilie de Ravin, who will be appearing as Belle . Lea played recurring character Alex Krycek on The X-Files for many years and also had long-running roles in shows like Once A Thief , Men in Trees and Kyle XY . //

Supernatural Sneak Peek: Dean's Shocked About the Impending Wedding in Episode 7.08

The Winchesters have reunited on Supernatural ( read our review of last week's episode ) and the show is celebrating this happy occasion by going completely off the rails (in a funny way!) and marrying off one of the Winchesters.  Which one?  Well, if you watched the promo for the November 11 episode , you'll know the groom is Sam.  The bride is still a mystery, although I think quite a few people have their own theories about her identity. Naturally, Dean is shocked about Sam's impending nuptials.  Particularly since he's told about five seconds before the ceremony actually begins.  It seems like the boys are separated once again, but on a hunt this time.  Sam runs into someone from his past, while Dean has to seek out an easy-going hunter named Garth (DJ Qualls) for help when he finds himself in an unusual situation. Eventually the boys reunite and Sam quickly drags Dean down the aisle, pins a flower on his lapel and announces that he's getting married in the next few minutes.  Cue the big poofy white dress and the mysterious bride. You can watch a sneak peek and a short promo featuring DJ Qualls below.  Don't miss a new episode of Supernatural on Friday, November 11. //

TV Ratings: 'Chuck' continues to struggle, CBS procedurals dominate

Fast National ratings for Friday, Nov. 4, 2011After a solid premiere last week NBC's "Grimm" maintained an impressive amount of its audience, winning the hour for NBC in the 18-49 demo. Its lead in, "Chuck," continues to struggle in its final season with a series low last night, meaning that the World Series competition last week likely can't be blamed for its dismal premiere numbers. As always, the CBS procedurals dominated the night. On FOX, "Fringe" got a slight boost from the return of Peter (Joshua Jackson). "Nikita" and "Supernatural" remain steady performers for The CW.... //

Supernatural Promo & Photos: A Winchester Gets Married in Episode 7.08

This week's new episode of Supernatural had the Winchesters unexpectedly reuniting when they both followed a string to murders to Lily Dale, New York, which is apparently the most psychic city in the U.S.  But the brothers soon realized that most of the self-proclaimed "psychics" were fakes.  However, a real ghost was actually killing the psychics.  The Winchesters thought it was a long-dead woman named Kate, but it turns out that she was really trying to warn people that it was her sister's ghost doing the killings, along with a pawn shop owner who had bound her ghost. The November 11 episode of Supernatural is appropriately titled "Season 7, Time for a Wedding!".  During a hunt, Sam runs into someone from his past and there's a confrontation.  Sam will also be taking a little trip down the aisle, although we're not yet sure of the reason why.  Meanwhile, DJ Qualls guest stars as a easy-going hunter named Garth, who teams up with Dean. Use the arrows above to browse through a few photos for the November 11 episode of Supernatural and watch a trailer below.  You can also view photos for the November 18 here and go through our newest Supernatural slide-show: the most memorable Winchester fights . //

SUPERNATURAL “The Mentalists” Season 7 Episode 7

SUPERNATURAL  "The Mentalists" Season 7  Episode 7 airs Friday November 4 at 9 pm on the CW. Episode Synopsis:  Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) investigate the gruesome murders of resident mediums in Lily Dale, the most "psychic" town in America. They discover that an angry spirit is killing off the psychics one by one, but in a town full of people who claim to be summoning spirits, they have a little trouble identifying the  medium  controlling the ghost. Mike Rohl directed the episode  written by Ben Acker and Ben Blacker. Read More... //

'Supernatural' wedding: The groom revealed! Which Winchester is it?

We've been teasing "Supernatural" fans for weeks about the impending Winchester wedding. Yes -- in next week's Nov. 11 episode, one of the Winchester boys will be preparing for a walk down the aisle with a returning female character.Finally, The CW has given us the okay to tell you: It's Sam (Jared Padalecki) who will be the groom next Friday night. They've asked us to keep the lucky lady under wraps, but we can tell you that it's a character we've seen before, and Sam isn't marrying her as part of the job -- he may be a little misguided, but he believes he's in it for all the right reasons.Meanwhile, Dean (Jensen Ackles) has to work a case on his own -- we're guessing Sam is preoccupied with floral arrangements and cufflink choices. Desperate, Dean has to enlist the help of Garth (guest star D.J. Qualls) -- and let's just say Dean wouldn't choose... //

Supernatural Preview: Sam is Sullen in Episode 7.07

Oh, Sammy, Sammy, Sammy.  The big surprise at the end of last week's Supernatural was Sam learning about Dean killing Amy and then storming off because he couldn't deal with his brother.  Don't get me wrong, that was certainly a more mature response than beating up Dean (which has happened before between these two), and I understand his anger about the situation. But when the boys reunite in the November 4 episode, they've been separated for more than a week and Sam is still kind of angry.  The Winchesters head to Lily Dale, which is a real town that apparently has the highest concentration of psychics.  Executive Producer Sera Gamble explains that the backdrop of this town is meant to be more fun and lighthearted and we certainly saw that expressed in the trailer for this episode ( view it here ).  But what the preview below - and the sneak peek we posted earlier this week ( view it here ) - shows is that there is still tension between the brothers. Read More... //

Supernatural Sneak Peek: Sam & Dean Talk it Out in Episode 7.07

I think that this week's new episode of Supernatural will contain one of those rare "Winchesters fight it out/talk it out moments".  In fact, I know it will.  After Sam told Dean he wanted space at the end of last week's episode ( read our review ), we all breathed a sigh of relief when we saw the trailer for this week's episode, entitled "The Mentalists" , because Sam and Dean were back together, working a job. Well, they might be back together, but it's not all sunshine and roses.  The sneak peek for this week's episode shows an angry, but controlled, exchange between the brothers about Amy and Dean lying.  Dean is sticking to his guns that he did the right thing about Amy, while Sam is still angry that Dean lied about killing his friend.  But, as Dean explains, he didn't want to tell Sam the truth until he was sure he could handle it without going off the deep end.  I sort of buy that explanation, although the lying between the brothers always seems justified by one or the other and needs to stop. This week's case takes the boys to Lily Dale, which is a town filled with self-proclaimed psychics and a multitude of spirits.  When one of the spirits seems to be systematically killing the psychics in down, Sam and Dean reunite to figure out how to stop the ghost. Watch a sneak peek below for the November 4 episode of Supernatural. //

'Supernatural': Sam and Dean reunite to save the psychics

Is there anything more depressing than a Winchester break-up at the end of an episode? No. No, there is not.Luckily, it appears that Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) won't be walking the lonely road for long -- new stills and this brand new promo reveal that the boys will be reuniting early in this week's "Supernatural" episode, called "The Mentalists."The Winchesters will head to the "most psychic town in America" - Lilly Dale, NY - where psychics have been -- you guessed it! -- getting gruesomely murdered left and right. Hey... whatever it takes to keep these guys from going their separate ways, we'll take it.Unfortunately, it appears they have yet to be reunited with the one remaining member of their family... the Impala.Catch the episode this Friday, Nov. 4 at 9 p.m. EST.... //

TV ratings: 'Grimm' has surprisingly solid premiere, World Series dominates Friday

Fast National ratings for Friday, Oct. 28, 2011The doom-and-gloom ratings predictions for NBC's new drama "Grimm" opposite Game 7 of the World Series turned out to be off base -- the show had a decent premiere Friday night, scoring the top adults 18-49 rating of anything that wasn't baseball.The same couldn't be said for "Chuck," which began its final season with its smallest audience ever. "Nikita" and "Supernatural" were pretty steady with last week's numbers, while the World Series gave FOX its biggest Friday audience in a long time.FOX averaged 23.25 million viewers and a 13.4 rating/22 share in households for the night; those numbers will likely change some because of the live telecast. CBS was the best of the rest with 6.9 million viewers and a 4.5/7. NBC (4.9 million, 3.2/5) came in third, a little ahead of ABC (4.5 million, 3.1/5). The CW trailed with 1.8 million viewers and a 1.2/2.FOX also dominated... //