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'Supernatural' Creator to Adapt 'Deadman' for The CW

Eric Kripke has been set to write and produce the project based on Arnold Drake and Carmine Infantino's books. //

'Supernatural': Jared Padalecki and Charisma Carpenter on set

Some pictures are just too great not to post. "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" star Charisma Carpenter is on the "Supernatural" set in Vancouver, and on Monday, she and series star Jared Padalecki posted a photo of themselves working on Monday morning. ("#hairfail," Carpenter tweeted.)She noted that she and Padalecki were the only actors working that morning, and that her "Buffy" co-star James Masters would be joining the fun on Tuesday. Yes... in case you've been living under a rock -- a different one from the rock that the geeks live under -- Cordelia and Spike will be playing a married couple on the fifth "Supernatural" episode of Season 7, entitled, "Shut up, Dr. Phil.""First Day. New girl. Making' friends," Carpenter tweeted. Our favorite thing about this photo is how Padalecki looks like a delighted fanboy who just got an autograph at DragonCon. (And rightfully so! "Supernatural" owes a lot to "Buffy.")Today, KSiteTV reports the titles... //

Supernatural Season 7 Promo: Kiss Your Cass Goodbye!

On season seven, Supernatural will host a Buffy reunion, as Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters guest star. That's pretty cool news. But will viewers be bidding farewell to a fan favorite, as well? Because that would be less cool news. The CW tells us to "Kiss Cass Goodbye" in the following promo, which is interesting when you consider Misha Collins' response to a Comic-Con question about Castiel as the "antichrist." I tried really hard to keep that under wraps. That's kind of ironic. You'll understand when you see the first episode of the season. Hmmm... //

Supernatural Season 7 Promo: "Kiss Your Cass Goodbye"? Eeep!

Last season of Supernatural ended on one heck of a cliffhanger, which is pretty par for the course on Supernatural , but fans are dying to find out what happens with their beloved Castiel, who opened the door to Purgatory in the finale, took in the power of all those souls, and has crowned himself the new "God". As if Castiel's future on the show isn't enough turmoil, we also have the problem of Sam and his broken wall to deal with.  After Cas tore down the wall in Sam's head in order to distract the Winchesters, Sam had to traverse his own subconscious and absorb the memories of both his time in Hell and his soulless self.  In season 7, Sam will have to adjust to his terrible memories of Hell, as well as what sounds like hallucinations and confusion about his mental state. Read More.. //

'Supernatural' Season 7 reunites 'Buffy' stars Charisma Carpenter and James Marsters

That sound you just heard was every nerd on earth falling over after going catatonic with sheer elation. We're still brushing ourselves off."Supernatural" welcomes Joss Whedon alum Jewel Staite as a guest star in its third episode of Season 7, and E.P. Sera Gamble isn't stopping there. "Buffy The Vampire Slayer" star Charisma Carpenter revealed on her Twitter that she'd be guest starring in a "Supernatural" episode this season. Now, TVLine confirms that it gets better. She'll reunite with her "Buffy" co-star James Marsters in an upcoming episode that films August 22.The episode, entitled "Shut Up, Dr. Phil," features Carpenter and Marsters as a married couple on the outs. She's a witch, so when they were happily married, their life was terrific -- but when he falls out of favor with her, his luck changes, big time. Gamble describes the episode as "'Bewitched' gone wrong."Cordelia and Spike, married. Thoughts? Is it just enough, or do... //

'Vampire Diaries' casts 'Supernatural' angel Sebastian Roché

Best. Casting. Ever."Supernatural's" Balthazar was an unfortunate casualty of the Season 6 finale after double-crossing Castiel (Misha Collins), but luckily, CW fans won't have to wait long to see actor Sebastian Roché in another juicy role.EW reports that Roché has been cast as "The Vampire Diaries" newest vamp hunter -- and he's a pretty formidable one, by the looks of it, because he makes even Klaus (Joseph Morgan) nervous. Perhaps the yet-to-be-named character specializes in hunting hybrids?(By the way, there were reports that the character would be named Eric... but since "Heroes" star Jack Coleman is coming in as a character named Bill, Roche's character name will be changed so we don't get confused as to whether we're watching "True Blood" or "TVD.")The role is recurring -- and it's not the first time "TVD" has snapped up a "Supernatural" alum!"He is big, and he is bad, but I would dare not say if he is... //

'Supernatural' Interview: Mark Sheppard on Demons, Spoilers and Bad Guys

Shortly before Supernatural took the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con's Hall H by storm, the cast and producers took the time to meet with reporters. Mark Sheppard shared his thoughts on Comic-Con and where Supernatural is going in the upcoming season. //

'Supernatural' Interview: Jim Beaver on Next Season and Comic-Con

Shortly before Supernatural took the 2011 San Diego Comic-Con's Hall H by storm, the cast and producers took the time to meet with reporters. Jim Beaver shared his thoughts on Comic-Con and where Supernatural is going in the upcoming season. //

'Supernatural's' Misha Collins: Don't expect Castiel to help Sam out

"Supernatural" fans were sent into a bit of a tailspin at the end of Season 6, when the fan favorite character of Castiel took a dramatic turn toward the dark side and actor Misha Collins' role was reduced from series regular to guest star status.At Comic-Con, executive producer Sera Gamble was coy about Castiel's involvement after the first two episodes, and Collins is not currently contracted for any further appearances.We spoke with Collins at the Television Critics Association party on Wednesday night, and he helped to shed some light on Castiel's current point of view. "I'll spoil this right now for you -- he does start the season as both a wrathful and vengeful god," Collins says. "But he's also righteous, in his own mind. He thinks that he's doing the right thing."In the Season 6 finale, Castiel brought down the "wall" in Sam's (Jared Padalecki) mind that protected him from his memories of hell,... //

The CW's 'Supernatural,' 'Gossip Girl,' and more get extra episodes -- but not 'The Vampire Diaries'

Good news, CW fans! This season, the network is hoping to shrink those long, arduous, cold, lonely, sad mid-season hiatuses by giving you more of the shows you love. They've picked up extra episodes of several of their returning dramas. "Supernatural" and "Nikita" will have their seasons extended to 23 episodes, while "Gossip Girl" and "90210" will have 24 episodes each."The Vampire Diaries," the network's highest-rated show, will keep its 22-episode order, as it has a more demanding post-production schedule. Additionally, Kevin Williamson, one of its executive producers, is already pulling double duty with the freshman series "The Secret Circle."We're thrilled that the network is further enabling our addiction. We can quit any time we want, okay? Leave us alone.... //