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Sneak Peek #2: Supernatural Season Finale

Do you remember  this preview  for tonight's two-hour finale of  Supernatural ?  How Dean gets a call from Ben saying that some demons (well, Ben calls them "men", but the kid doesn't know better) broke into the house, killed Lisa's new boyfriend and is coming for Dean's former temporary family? Well, the second sneak peek for part 1 of tonight's  Supernatural  season finale (part 1 being called "Let It Bleed") shows exactly who had Ben and Lisa kidnapped, although the identity of the person will probably not shock you. Supernatural  fans, I have to admit...I'm really excited for tonight's finale.  Knowing that we'll be getting a season 7 of the show has made me breathe easier about any potential cliffhanger tonight (because God knows this show loves to torture us like that over the summer).  And I really want to see how Dean and Bobby deal with the wall in Sam's head coming down. Read More... //

SUPERNATURAL Season Finale “Let It Bleed / The Man Who Knew Too Much” - Preview

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the two hour season finale episode of  SUPERNATURAL which airs tonight on the CW. Episode Synopsis:  SUPERNATURAL  "Let It Bleed" Season 6 Episode 21 – A demon kidnaps Ben (guest star Nicholas Elia ) and Lisa (guest star Cindy Sampson ) to get to Dean (Jensen Ackles). Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean are forced to join with an unlikely ally to free them. Sera Gamble directed the episode written by John Showalter Read More... //

'Supernatural' Season 6 Finale Theories

Tonight marks the special two-hour season finale of Supernatural and that means the battle for heaven is finally coming to a head while Sam's wall sadly breaks down. Amidst all hell breaking lose once again, fans are faced with several questions regarding Castiel, and, more importantly, the inevitable death that will most likely haunt fans for the rest of the summer. Here's what our readers and Facebook followers had to say: //

Sebastian Roché Talks 'Supernatural' Season Finale, Fan Encounters & More

From terrorist on 'General Hospital' to rogue angel on the CW's 'Supernatural,' Sebastian Roché has made a career out of being unpredictable. After spending his formative years travelling the world on a sailboat with his family (yes, really), Roché graduated to theater, film and television work, first in his native France, and then on American shores. As the charismatic Balthazar on the spooky genre show, Roché has made a habit of popping in to cause mischief and mayhem for the Winchester brothers -- for good and for ill. His allegiances will truly be tested in tonight's two-hour season finale (8PM ET on the CW) when Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) find themselves literally caught between heaven and hell, and Crowley and Castiel's alliance puts Balthazar in a very tenuous situation. Join us after the jump to read what Roché had to say about the season finale (not much!), his first experience with the 'Supernatural' fans and how exactly one goes about getting into character to play an angel. Mild spoilers ahead. //

Supernatural Boss on Finale: "Characters That People Like Will Be Killed"

Supernatural 's war in Heaven is upon us as the series airs its two-part finale on Friday (8/7c on The CW), and showrunner Sera Gamble promises some deaths, Sam's long-awaited breakdown and "a lot of Castiel" in both episodes. Gamble wrote the night's first episode, "Let It Bleed," which introduces a new player -- at least historically -- into the series. Apparently, the late, real-life horror writer H.P. Lovecraft is somehow mixed up in the Winchesters' battle to keep Purgatory at bay. Anyone familiar with his Chthulu mythos will recognize that his terrifying creations fit right in with the Supernatural world. Read More... //

'Supernatural's' Misha Collins stars in 'Divine': Keeping it creepy in new web series

As the angel Castiel on "Supernatural," Misha Collins deals with themes of religion, damnation, and just plane gore on a daily basis. This summer, he sticks with what's familiar in a new web series, "Divine," produced by Vancouver-baed Maple Blood Productions. Collins serves as co-creator and producer, and stars in the recurring role of Father Christopher. He's working alongside Ivan Hayden, "Supernatural's" visual effects supervisor. In the leading role of Father Andrew is Ben Hollingsworth, a Canadian actor who played Chris Andrews on the short-lived CW Series "The Beautiful Life: TBL." Andrew is a young priest whose faith is tested when an immortal creature named Divine is resurrected before his eyes. Divine is played by Dan Payne, who has previously had bit parts on "Smallville" and in the "Stargate" franchise. "Given sanctuary by the church, Divine leads a never-ending crusade to show lost souls they have the power to choose their destiny between good... //

'Supernatural' Videos: Sam on the Run, Lisa and Ben in Danger

This Friday brings the two-hour season finale of Supernatural , but it's actually two completely separate episodes. The first one, "Let It Bleed," centers on the return of Lisa and Ben. //

Sam and Dean Hatch Plan to Stop Castiel in New 'Supernatural' Season Finale Preview

Their talks about some secrets to open a door to Purgatory are cut when Ben calls Dean and tells him that some men have broken into their house and killed Lisa's new boyfriend. //

'Supernatural' Season Finale Preview: The Last Chance and Battle for Heaven

The battle for heaven comes to a head in the two-hour finale of " Supernatural " season 6. In the first hour, a demon kidnaps Ben (guest star Nicholas Elia) and Lisa (guest star Cindy Sampson) to get to Dean. The eldest Winchester brother and Sam are forced to join an unlikely ally to free them.   The second hour, dedicated primarily to Sam, will have the wall in his head come tumbling down. All hell breaks loose, but Dean and Bobby are, for once, at a total loss on how to help him and are forced to stand by and do nothing while Sam breaks.    Read More... //

SUPERNATURAL “The Man Who Would Be King” Season 6 Episode 20 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the upcoming episode of  SUPERNATURAL  Season  6 Episode 20 titled "The Man Who Would Be King" which airs on Friday May 6 at 9pm on The CW.  Episode Synopsis:  SUPERNATURAL "The Man Who Would Be King" Season 6 Episode 20 – Castiel ( Misha Collins ) tells Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Bobby (Jim Beaver) about the war in Heaven and how he and Raphael became enemies. Bobby believes Castiel is hiding something, but Dean refuses to believe it. Ben Edlund wrote and directed the episode.  Read More... //