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Supernatural Photos: Episode 6.17 "My Heart Will Go On"

Warning, there's some spoilers about a returning character for this episode ahead (although it's pretty widely known at this point). Near, far, wherever you are….. If you remember Celine Dion belting out that song for the Titanic movie soundtrack, then you’ll be in very familiar waters for the new Supernatural episode airing on April 15. Ha.  I made a pun.  A bad one, but still… It’s been a very long hiatus for us Supernatural fans and there’s still another two weeks to go, but The CW has released promo photos for the upcoming April 15 episode.  And guess who’s returning?  Samantha Ferris, a.k.a. Ellen Harvelle.  You’ll recall that Ellen and her daughter Jo died in the middle of season 5 when they sacrificed themselves to allow Dean and Sam to escape to try and kill Lucifer.  The plan didn’t work at the time, of course, but it was one of the saddest episodes of last season.  But Ellen isn’t resurrected per se.  Actually, everyone’s favorite new trouble-making angel, Balthazar, decides he didn’t like the movie Titanic and goes back in time to fix it so that the boat never sinks.  Of course, you can’t just go around messing with history like that, so the Greek mythical creature Fate shows up and starts killing everyone who would have died on the ship. Read More... //

Supernatural Spoilers: Season Finale to "Bring Mythology to a Head"

There will definitely be deaths on the Supernatural season finale. So stated producer Sera Gamble during a panel discussion this month. What else can fans expect from the May 20 installment? Without getting too specific, series creator Eric Kripke offered the following teases in an interview with TV Line: Read More... //

Supernatural TV News: Misha Collins On Threesomes & The Future of Castiel - 3/17/11

Yael's got all the 'Supernatural' scoop in a brand-new Supernatural TV News! First up, Misha Collins, who plays Castiel, lashes out against Charlie Sheen's latest outburst by calling him out on who really wrote the book on threesomes. Then, at last week's PaleyFest, the cast dishes on what's next for the show, including two unexpected deaths, the future of Castiel, and how producers are already gearing up for a 7th season. Are they jumping the gun, or is Supernatural a shoo-in for renewal? Check it all out in a new Supernatural TV News in the link below! Supernatural TV News: 3/17/11

Supernatural: Sam & Dean's Worst Case Scenario

This past Sunday afternoon, rabid   Supernatural   fans from all over headed to the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills to see cast members   Jensen Ackles ,   Jared Padalecki ,   Jim Beaver , Misha Collins   along with EP's   Sera Gamble   and   Eric Kripke   sit at a Q&A panel as part of the   Paley Center for Media's annual PaleyFest .   IGN was there and caught a sneak peek at the upcoming episode "Frontierland" (airing April 22nd) where   Sam   and   Dean   get sent back in time by   Castiel   to the Old West -- 1861 Sunrise, Wyoming to be exact – to track down the Colt. The scenes were being played for laughs; though that doesn't mean the episode itself is going to be a "meta" riot along the lines of "The French Mistake." Also, it seems like the Winchesters fail miserably at not upsetting the natural time continuum as Dean somehow becomes the sheriff of Sunrise. The opening "Supernatural" title for this episode is done burning map/Bonanza-style.    Read More... //

'Supernatural's' Jim Beaver: How will Rufus' death impact Bobby?

Season 6 of "Supernatural" has devoted lots of time to rounding out the character of Bobby Singer (Jim Beaver) as we learn more not only about his daily life, but about his past. In the most recent episode, "...And Then They Were None," we learned that once upon a time, Rufus (Steven Williams) and Bobby were hunting partners, similar to the way Sam and Dean are now.Just as we were getting some insight into their time on the road together, Rufus was killed by the monster (or the herpe, as Dean would say) possessing Bobby. Zap2it caught up with Beaver at PaleyFest's "Supernatural" event on Sunday to see whether the death would have a lasting emotional impact on Bobby.Beaver assures us that Bobby didn't walk away from Rufus' grave unscathed, which we'll see in the upcoming episode "My Heart Will Go On." He says, "That deals a little bit with Bobby's response to Rufus's death. There's... //

'Supernatural': Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles talk soulless Sam

As "Supernatural" fans, we at Zap2it were both relieved and disappointed when Sam (Jared Padalecki) was reunited with his soul in the mid-season finale. We missed the old broody-angsty-emotional Sam, but that's not to say we didn't have a good time with the soulless version's one-liners and shirtless chin-ups.When "Supernatural" was honored at this weekend's PaleyFest, Padalecki shared our sentiment. (Well, maybe not the part about the shirtless chin-ups.) "I do miss soulless Sam," Padalecki admits. "I've not been shy about the fact that I like to play a little bit darker, a little disturbed. I've had a wonderful time as Sam, and he's disturbed enough, but I did have a fun time kind of playing with... what is a soul, where does it reside, what's its influence on your personality and your decisions. So I had a great time. I'm happy to be back, but I do miss the little guy."We spoke with Padalecki's co-star,... //

'Supernatural': Jared Padalecki talks horseback riding and his charitable causes

There's a quote attributed to W.C. Fields: "Never work with children or animals." While "Supernatural" has had its fair share of creepy kids on set, it's relatively rare that series star Jared Padalecki works with animals (his own pets notwithstanding). As we've seen in previews for upcoming episodes, though, Padalecki did ride a horse for the upcoming Old West themed episode. When Zap2it caught up with him at the PaleyFest event on Sunday, we had to ask him if that old Fields quote rang true in his experience.Luckily, Padalecki has some experience with horseback riding. His wife, Genevieve Cortese Padalecki, is an accomplished equestrian - she starred on ABC Family's "Wildfire," about a horse ranch, for four seasons. "It was so fun," Padalecki says. "I love riding horses. I'm not a great, great rider - my wife is. She did a show about a horse for four years, so she's a tremendous rider. We... //

'Supernatural's Misha Collins teases Castiel-centric episode, plans trip to Haiti with fans

In Season 4, "Supernatural" fans got an in-depth look at Jimmy Novak, the man whose body now houses Castiel (Misha Collins), but we have very little insight into Castiel himself when it comes to backstory. During the current sixth season, much of Castiel's story has played out off-screen as he soldiers on in Heaven's brutal civil war. In Episode 20, however, Castiel gets his moment. Showrunner Sera Gamble describes it as a serious episode with a "significant impact." She tells Zap2it, "It's an episode that's largely from Castiel's point of view. We get pretty deep into what he's feeling, and we illuminate his character quite a bit.""It was terrible!" Collins jokes. "I had to work every day! That's not what I signed up for! It's actually kind of tough being the heaviest character in an episode."  He promises that we'll find out just what Castiel has been up to while he hasn't been saving... //

Supernatural Season Seven Looks More Than Likely

Get happy,  Supernatural  fans! By all accounts, the show that was supposed to end  last  year is very, very possibly getting a renewal for  next  year. Seven seasons of  SPN ? Say hallelujah, everybody! Here's what the executive producers told us about this season's final showdown and what it sets up for the Brothers Winchester in their highly anticipated future: Creator and executive producer  Eric Kripke  tells us they are more than hopeful that a seventh season of the show will be produced by Warner Bros. and picked up by the CW, saying, "We're looking pretty good. We're bullish enough on it that we cliffhang the finale."  Executive producer  Sera Gamble  concurs, saying, "I feel an obligation to answer a fair amount of questions, but also to cliffhang some stuff for next season. We have some stuff cliffhanging at the end of season six, so hopefully, knock on wood, we have a season seven."  And speaking of that cliffhangy finale, Gamble tells us that the Kripkeeper himself came back for the finale funtimes: "The production draft of episode 22 just came out; Eric Kripke wrote it." Kripke tells us, "I'd actually say my favorite thing [in the finale] is the final minute. Stay tuned for the final minute. It's one of those moments where the more you stop to think about it, the more you feel the enjoyment of the writer, looking at what he's doing and going, 'I can't believe I got away with that.' When you look at it subtextually, it's sort of a nutty thing that I did." (We love dirty subtext! Because, come on, the  Supernatural  subtext is always dirty...right?) Read More... //

Supernatural's Boss: Expect "Unexpected Deaths" in the Season 6 Finale

The Grim Reaper is hitting Supernatural again. As Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) prepare to take on Eve, aka the Mother of All (Julia Maxwell), executive producer Sera Gamble told at Sunday's PaleyFest that the season finale will feature at least two unexpected deaths. "There will definitely be deaths," said Gamble, who penned the penultimate episode for Season 6. "I would say that... //