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SUPERNATURAL "Jump The Shark" Videos

SUPERNATURAL returns this Thursday, April 23, with an all new episode, "Jump The Shark," and we have a couple of clips to share with you. Check them out here.

SideReel's Top 10 Shows with Notable Music - Featured

So many factors make our favorite shows great, but one aspect that can set the mood for a scene, break our hearts along with a character during a sad moment, make us feel a warm day at the carnival, or whatever else might be going on, is the music! Music not only brings the right mood to a scene and creates a mood for the show overall, but brings some awesome new music to us viewers that we wouldn't have caught on to otherwise. Here are SideReel's top favorite shows including One Tree Hill , Gossip Girl and more in which we adore the music and from which we have discovered some new favorite songs and bands. Top 10 Shows with Notable Music, Part 1 Top 10 Shows with Notable Music, Part 2 Related Stories: What Show has your Favorite Notable Music?

'Supernatural' 4.19 Clip: Dean Points Gun at Third Winchester Brother

A clip is released for the April 23 episode of " Supernatural ". Adam, a 19-year-old boy who calls Dean and Sam to look for John Winchester, is at a diner with the brothers, recalling his childhood experience with John. Dean is suspicious of him but soon draws the gun underneath the table. Adam, who is played by Jake Abel, claims that he is the son of John with a nurse. Dean and Sam agree to meet him with the assumption that he is a demon trying to lure them into a trap. When they found out that Adam is really part of their family, Dean is infuriated by the fact that Adam was raised "normally". The episode is called "Jump the Shark" and reportedly, there will be a tribute to the late Kim Manners which can only be spotted by an eagle-eye viewer. To Watch The Sneak Peek Click Here . Source Here

SideReel's Top 10 Favorite TV Siblings, Part 2 - Featured

Gossip Girl - Dan and Jenny Dan and Jenny are by no means perfect children individually. Jenny especially, as a character, tends to piss me off (then again, she's a high school girl, so maybe this is realistic). However, together, I find that Dan and Jenny are adorable siblings. They rarely fight and both seem to legitimately care about each others' well-being. Jenny, from early on in the series, did everything she could to help Dan in his lovelife with Serena. Additionally, Dan knows how to get all brotherly when someone like Nate Archibald takes interest in his little sister. One Tree Hill - Lucas and Nathan So these two are only half-siblings, but who would have guessed back in Season 1 of One Tree Hill that the two would become friends (and Lucas a regular presence in his now-nephew's life)? Though Lucas and Nathan started off as the biggest of enemies, it became evident that their shared common father of Dan Scott - possibly the worst father to ever appear on television - was enough to bring the two together. The two are now not just half-siblings, but genuine friends. Prison Break - Lincoln and Michael Let's not forget how this series started. Lincoln was arrested ( but he was innocent! ) and Michael, without question, figured out how to break Lincoln out of prison. This was complete with a giant tattoo of the prison-escape route. Then, Michael committed a crime himself (bank robbery) so that he could find himself in the identical prison as his brother and the escape could commence. And that was just in Season 1. The brothers since have stuck together through even more... Supernatural - Sam and Dean Sam and Dean Winchester have to have the best brotherly banter on television right now. The slightly more sensitive (and troubled) Sam and the more sarcastic Dean make up a perfect and wholly entertaining supernatural crime fighting duo. They've rescued each other from death more times than I can recall and almost certainly would not be nearly as successful if they weren't working as a team. Friends (1994) - Ross and Monica Though Ross and Monica Gellar frequently exhibited a rivalry between one another, as Monica took issue with Ross being their parents' favorite child , I still always adored their relationship. They were ultra competitive, as demonstrated in the image here from the episode "The One With the Football", but what brother and sister aren't? Though the two were not necessarily the closest when they were younger, as they aged, they became much closer, as many siblings do. Who are your favorite TV siblings?

The Show Might Go On, But Eric Kripke Won't

Fans of Supernatural have known for quite a while that executive producer Eric Kripke envisioned their favorite series to have a five season story arc. Rather than allowing Supernatural to become a shell of its former self, Kripke is determined to make the episodes that remain very strong and leave audiences wanting more. Recently rumors have begun circulating suggesting that the series might continue; but Kripke was recently crystal clear with Entertainment Weekly that even if the series went on he would not. ''Despite what the network and studio may or may not want, I don't have more than five seasons of story," he said. "I certainly would be willing to make sure there are enough villains and heroes around to continue a new story line, and I would be around to answer a few questions - that's it. I'm outta here. There's no way I'm doing season 6." To further halt speculation, Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki both spoke negatively about the possibility of moving forward. EW asked Ackles whether a big money contract could lure him to stay. ''They'd have to back up a Brinks truck," he said. That may sound very cynical but he has his reasons. "We don't live at home. We don't sleep in our own beds. Our families aren't here. Our friends aren't here. Our girlfriends aren't here." Jared Padalecki couldn't offer fans much more hope. I enjoy working, but what's the point? Do I want to just keep on doing photo shoots and work so I can get more famous so I can do even more photo shoots and work and fly to more places to do more press?... I get sick of talking about myself. Game over, right? Supernatural is flatlining? Not necessarily. It's not Kripke's decision to cut life support, or Ackles', or Padalecki's. It's the network's; and just as Supernatural's key figures seem to be trying hard to provide fans closure its the network who is leaving ambiguity. "If the show's doing well, we would go on, I'm sure, said CW entertainment president Dawn Ostroff. When asked whether she would try to convince Kripke to come back for it she said, It's premature for us to even address that.'' If Supernatural continued but Kripke, Ackles and Padalecki left what would the series be about? Even if Sam left but Dean stayed or vice versa the central character dynamic would be lost. If that happened would Supernatural really be Supernatural at all? Perhaps that's where the final right of refusal on the series continuation comes into play, the authority even Ostroff alluded to as controlling their decision. Ultimately Supernatural's audience would have to decide whether or not a series without the people who embody it is truly the series they love. As bittersweet as it may be to see the series end, would Supernatural's continuation in a drastically new, network driven direction be a fate worse than death? Source Here

Who is the Monster at the End of This Season?

The latest episode of Supernatural featured meta jokes on top of meta jokes, so it stands to reason that the title of the episode might also include some hidden secrets. Fans were quick to notice that The Monster at the End of This Book is actually the title of a Sesame Street children's book featuring Grover. Could this harmless piece of kiddie lit hold the secret to the entire Supernatural mystery? In the book, which is itself a piece of meta fiction, Grover talks directly to the person reading the book, warning them about the monster at the end and urging the reader not to continue reading. It's a rather adult concept, but if you reach the end, you get a surprise. SPOILER WARNING: Read no further if you don't want the end of this children's book spoiled. At the end of The Monster at the End of This Book , it's revealed that the monster is actually Grover himself and was all along. Though Grover never realized it, he is the monster. But how does this factor into Supernatural? Applying the book's ending to this season of Supernatural, maybe the monster of the season has been there all along. The monster is Lucifer, who Lilith revealed is trapped in a cage. If the cage is just metaphoric, maybe Lucifer is actually lying dormant in a person. Maybe Lucifer is Sam Winchester. Before I'm burned at the stake for suggesting such an idea, there may be a sound basis for this theory. The breaking of the 66 Seals this season has mirrored Sam's own descent into darkness, drinking demon blood and becoming more powerful. In addition, Lilith wanted to make a deal to stop breaking the Seals in exchange for Sam's head on a spike. If she has seen the end and knows that she won't make it to see the good part, maybe she knows that when the final Seal is broken, Lucifer will take over Sam's body and kill her, fulfilling Sam's own promise to be the one to kill Lilith. It could also explain the angels trepidation over Sam using his powers. Obviously letting Sam be overtaken by Lucifer would be a controversial move, but as Chuck Shurley said, he does put Sam through plenty of suffering for the sake of artistic symmetry. A life that started with a demon dripping blood into the baby's mouth as part of a deal is one that could end with the ultimate revelation that the entire deal was designed to bring forth Lucifer. There's also some beautiful artistic symmetry if Dean is the one chosen by God and his own brother is Lucifer's vessel. That's the kind of storytelling Chuck Shurley would enjoy. Source here

Ratings: ER Serves Up Most-Watched Drama Finale Since 1996

Thursday's ratings recap: * 8 pm/ET Survivor returned with a season-low 11.2 million total viewers, thanks in part to NBC's ER retrospective, which drew 10.56 mil. Bones placed third with 9 mil, a dip of 570K from its previous outing. ABC's comedies were not laughing, as both In the Motherhood (5 mil) and Samantha Who? (4.8 mil) plunged 26 percent. Smallville (3.8 mil) saw a 50K uptick. * 9 pm ER 's two-hour (and rather awesome) series finale was the night's most-watched program, averaging 16.2 million viewers and even flirting with 18 mil at the 10 0'clock mark. That tally represents the largest audience for the final episode of a drama series since Murder, She Wrote circa 1996. (Be sure to check out Trish's fantastic recap of the ER ender.) CSI 's William Friedkin-directed 200th episode placed second at 9 pm, drawing a season low of 14.38 mil. Facing stiff competition, Hell's Kitchen (7 mil) saw one-third of its audience get flambeed. Supernatural gained 110 thou, hitting 3.28 mil. * 10 pm Placing second behind ER, Eleventh Hour returned to an audience of 10.38 mil, down 12 percent from its last fresh episode. Source here

First Look at Third Winchester Brother in 'Supernatural' 4.19 Preview - Featured

" Supernatural " will take a two-week break and a promo for the April 23 episode is available. Called "Jump the Shark", this would be the episode where a third Winchester brother is introduced. Played by Jake Abel, the character is named Adam Milligan and he is conceived while John Winchester set out on his hunting adventure and met Kate Mullany. In the episode, Adam's life is changed after he transitions to be a monster. Creator Eric Kripke explained the addition of the third brother to TV Guide, "When we were breaking the story about the third Winchester brother, we knew the fans would scream that we had jumped the shark. Of course, adding a new sibling or relative to an established series is a classic and cherished shark jump, Cousin Oliver being the patron saint of the practice (Brady Bunch)." He continued, "For fans who are worried that we are truly jumping the shark... watch the episode, decide for yourself. Personally, I don't think we're gassing up the motorcycle quite yet, but you tell me." To Watch The Sneak Peek Click Here . Source here

Episode Titles for the End of Season 4

Supernatural is heading into the home stretch of season 4. With only five episodes left, every minute counts as Sam and Dean Winchester race to stop Lilith from breaking the remaining 66 Seals and bringing Lucifer to Earth. Unfortunately, fans may not get to see these final episodes uninterrupted. Early, unconfirmed reports suggest that more breaks are scheduled, and the scheduling of these final episodes might leave fans hanging for longer than they'd like. There are also recently released episode titles for all the remaining episodes, though they might give away more than you'd like. To Read More Click Here . SPOILER WARNING: Read no further if you don't want to know what the final Supernatural episodes are called.

Video Clip from "The Monster at the End of This Book"

In It's a Terrible Life Supernatural took a pleasant detour from the chilliness and despair of the previous two episodes. The colorful, offbeat story fans got instead did not have driven the global plotline forward in a way that makes you scream at the TV so loudly your neighbors bang on the wall. But it was a particularly fun chance to see the characters in a unique situation and to riff on Sam and Dean's relationship. This week the detour continues in The Monster at the End of This Book when the Winchester brothers discover that a pulp fiction author is chronicling their story in a series of horror novels. In light of recent signs of the apocalypse they'll no doubt find it disturbing that the series ends in Dean's damnation. The CW released a new video today from this week's episode, a scene from The Monster at the End of This Book. The new scene plays up the comedy of the episode, as the paperback writer's fictional characters show up at his doorstep demanding answers. It's a strange new twist on the classic story Six Characters in Search of an Author, later loosely adapted into a classic episode of Rod Serling's Twilight Zone. To Watch The Clip Click here . Source here