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Supernatural Boss Talks of the New Kid in Town - Featured

We have a special category for shows that decide to bring in a new character to shake things up: New kid in town. The idea can be summed up in two words: Cousin Oliver. Remember when the Brady Bunch started to feel a little old and stale? All of a sudden, their pesty, tow-headed cousin Oliver showed up. But, instead of charming us or pushing the show in an interesting direction, he ended up exposing the real flaws of the series. When our own Matt Mitovich recently reported on a new brother joining the Supernatural family in an episode titled, "Jump the Shark," we had to ask creator Eric Kripke about the genesis of the story. Here's what he had to say: "When we were breaking the story about the third Winchester brother, we knew the fans would scream that we had jumped the shark. Of course, adding a new sibling or relative to an established series is a classic and cherished shark jump, Cousin Oliver being the patron saint of the practice. (And sure enough, Sam and Dean are eating at 'Cousin Oliver's Diner' in the episode). Anyway, it became clear that we should beat the fans to the punch and title the episode, 'Jump the Shark.' Though rejected titles included: 'When Leo Joined Growing Pains,' or 'The Raven Symone Episode.' "For fans who are worried that we are truly jumping the shark... watch the episode, decide for yourself. Personally, I don't think we're gassing up the motorcycle quite yet, but you tell me. And stay tuned for next season, when the boys take trips to London and Hawaii (haunted Tiki dolls!) and Sam and Ruby get married. And Ted McGinley joins the cast as the thoughtful (but hot!) college professor." Supernatural's "Jump the Shark" episode airs on April 23 (CW, 9 pm/ET). Source here

Episode 4.15 - Promo Stills

Here are some new promo stills

Smallville and Supernatural Delayed Another Week - Featured

The CW likes to play with our minds. They recently delayed the premiere of the new cycle of America's Next Top Model by one week and today announced the decision to postpone the airings of the next new episodes of Smallville and Supernatural an additional week - to March 12th. Smallville and Supernatural were already in reruns this week, but were originally set to return on March 5th. No official reason was given for the delay, but it likely has to do with not wanting to compete with American Idol ; March 5th marks the selection of the Top 12. Source: BuddyTV

Actors at Bottom of Forbes' Most Bankable Movie Stars

This week Forbes Magazine released its list of the most reliable box office stars. The magazine sent out forms to entertainment insiders to rank more than 1,400 actors based on their merits and potential to make a movie a hit. The top of the list reads as you might expect, with stars like Will Smith, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie at the top. But the bottom is where things get slightly muddled, and some of the stars of The CW 's top shows are extremely low on the list, including Supernatural 's Jensen Ackles and Smallville 's Kristin Kreuk. Out of 1,411 actors, Kreuk came it at 1,401 and Ackles was ranked at 1,402. Despite having rabid fan communities online for their TV work, it seems Hollywood still doesn't see them as potential big-time movie stars. Smallville also has Erica Durance at 1,356 and Tom Welling at 907. And while Jensen fans may be disappointed, at least he made the list. Jared Padalecki wasn't even on the original list of 1,411 actors being judged. Maybe that will change after this weekend with Padalecki starring in Friday the 13th. One theory for the low placement of these stars (as opposed to Gossip Girl stars liked Blake Lively and Chace Crawford, who made the top half) could be location. Most of the entertainment bigwigs are in Los Angeles or New York City, and for shows like Smallville and Supernatural that film in Vancouver, it's hard for them to have the same high profile or go out for meetings and auditions in their free time. One Tree Hill also had two stars on its list, with Sophia Bush ranked 1,044 and Chad Michael Murray at 788. It's strange that Murray would make the list considering the fact that he hasn't starred in a movie in the last three years. Though the CW stars are low on the list for now, the top of the list shows that former teen TV stars can make it big. Will Smith was in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and tied for second are Leonardo DiCaprio and Johnny Depp, from Growing Pains and 21 Jump Street. So clearly there's potential to move from teenage TV heartthrob to major movie star. Also, DiCaprio's first movie was Critters 3 and Depp's was A Nightmare on Elm Street. So maybe starring in My Bloody Valentine 3-D and Friday the 13th is just what Jensen and Jared need to climb to the top of the movie ladder. Source here

Jared Padalecki on The Bonnie Hunt Show

Jared Padalecki of Supernatural stopped by The Bonnie Hunt Show to promote his new movie, Friday the 13th (2009) . You can watch the interview here: Supernatural: Jared Padalecki on The Bonnie Hunt Show

Spoiler Chat: Lost, Gossip Girl, heroes and Much more

Will Jin and Sun reunite? Is Charlotte a goner? And which totally creepy long-lost Lost friend is going to reappear? These are a few of the burning questions we'll tackle in today's roundup of exclusive TV scoop, along with the latest on Gossip Girl 's Nate and Blair hookup, an Officemate who is coming back (for better or worse!) and you know we have to tackle that kiss everyone's talking about on Grey's Anatomy... Kate in Wacahoota, Fla.: I'm tired of hearing about the Addison/Derek kiss! Tell me it's not going to happen. If Meredith and Derek break up over this, I'm out. Shonda Rhimes is a liar. It does appear there is a kiss in the promo, but as I said before, there will be no romance between Addison (Kate Walsh) and Derek (Patrick Dempsey). My source said "your eyes are playing tricks on you." So fear not! And for the love of nonlovers with good hair, keep the pins away from your Shonda voodoo doll, OK? Bella in Austin, Texas: Do you know if David will return with Donna when she heads for 90210? There's a chance Mr. Silver (Brian Austin Green) will eventually head back to the infamous ZIP code. He's currently in Japan, but Tori Spelling tells us, "His lady Donna is in L.A., so maybe he'll come on over." For you hard-core original 90210 fans, don't worry, David's not hitting the speed anymore. He's clean and "he's a papa now," adds Tori. Sam in Edmonton, Canada: Has there been talk of a sequel to Dr. Horrible? Neil Patrick Harris tells me: "Joss wants to do more of it, but he's a very popular man at the moment." ( Dollhouse premieres this Friday on Fox, in case you hadn't heard.) Still, NPH says he's totally down to do the sequel-assuming Joss wants him back. "I hope they don't recast it with Tobey Maguire. That would be a buzz kill." Randall in New York: Any chance for a HIMYM musical episode? Neil tells me he's pushing for it: "We're down to do the big Broadway version of How I Met Your Mother." But Alyson Hannigan is secretly hoping it doesn't happen: "I still can't sing!" Whatever! Neither can Sarah Chalke, but that didn't stop Scrubs from doing its award-winning musical ep. And something tells me Lily could be an excellent rap artist. For More Click Here .

Oh, Brother! Exclusive Supernatural Casting News

Is there a third Winchester sibling among us? It certainly would seem so, and Jake Abel ( Threshold ) is playing him, has learned exclusively. Abel has been cast on the CW's Supernatural as Adam Milligan, an 18-year-old whom Sam and Dean meet in an episode titled "Jump the Shark" and airing April 23. Adam, viewers will learn, is the by-product of a little somethin'-somethin' that big daddy John enjoyed during one of his demon hunts. Upon eventually being told by a onetime paramour of Adam's paternity, John paid the lad the occasional visit. Never, though, did John alert Sam and Dean to Adam's existence, nor vice versa. As such, it will be ... um, interesting ... when the two Winchester boys we know and love come to know the boy they (nor we) never knew. You know? Yes, Supernatural fans. It's near-blasphemous to introduce a new bro. Do you think he's just a poser? Some demon's grand idea of a major mind-boink for Sam and Dean? Or is this kid not kidding around? I'm sure you have plenty to say, and you know where to say it. Source here

spoiler in Supernatural Season 4 [Supernatural Spoiler]

Just so you know there is a spoiler in here. I accidentally saw it and it bothered me so I am going to try to push the spoiler off of the page since it is apparently a big one. Be careful of posting spoilers in the title of a post or in the first few sentences of the post because others might accidentally see it and have the season spoiled for them. It sucks. Yes it's true now its officially confirmed that the third brother is really going to be there and the casting details of this character is out...You can read the full details here Casting Details of Supernatural another Brother

WB Week: Gilmore Girls - Where Are They Now? - Featured

Lauren Graham aka Lorelai Gilmore Lauren Graham has already been in a few movies since Gilmore's end, including the unfortunate Evan Almighty and last year's Flash Of Genius with Greg Kinnear. However, seems as though even bigger things are on the way, as Graham will soon be starring in a Broadway production of Guys and Dolls. What's more, her ABC pilot - Let it Go - was recently greenlit. Alexis Bledel aka Rory Gilmore Much like Sarah Michelle Gellar as Buffy , I don't think that Bledel will ever find a better role than Rory Gilmore. Since Gilmore's conclusion, Bledel has only had one role to date - reprising her role of Lena in the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants sequel. Ironically, though she was the big name in the original film, one could argue that both Blake Lively and America Ferrera have since surpassed her in fame. Time, however, will tell, and Bledel does have 2 upcoming film credits for 2009. Scott Patterson aka Luke Danes Scott Patterson appeared in feature films Saw IV and Saw V . He also starred in the single season CW show Aliens in America as patriarch Gary Tolchuck. He has a movie listed in pre-production for 2009 called "Liberty". Edward Herrmann aka Richard Gilmore Edward Hermann has been pretty quiet since his time in Gilmore, though he was already a venerable actor, so perhaps he has been intentionally laying low. He has, however, had time to guest star in both Grey's Anatomy and 30 Rock . Kelly Bishop aka Emily Gilmore Kelly Bishop, like her onscreen husband, has likely been quietly enjoying life since Gilmore's conclusion. Her only credit to date is a 2 episode guest arc on Law & Order: Special Victims Unit . Melissa McCarthy aka Sookie St. James Melissa McCarthy has had steady work since she finished her days on Gilmore. The following TV season, she landed the role of Dena on sitcom Samantha Who? . She also appeared in a movie in 2008 entitled "Just Add Water". Rory's various men: Jared Padalecki aka Dean Forester We all recognize Padalecki as Sam on current CW series Supernatural . He also has a penchant for horror films, as since his Gilmore days his film credits include House of Wax, Cry Wolf and the upcoming Friday the 13th. Milo Ventimiglia aka Jess Mariano Seems as though Rory's men have done well for themselves in their post-Gilmore days as Ventimiglia is one of the most recognizable leads of the huge ensemble cast of NBC's Heroes . He also appeared in the short-lived series The Bedford Diaries and feature films including Rocky Balboa and Pathology . You may have also heard his name in news for being attached to his much younger Heroes co-star, Hayden Panettiere; he used to date Alexis Bledel in real-life. Matt Czuchry as Logan Huntzberger Since Gilmore, Czuchry has so far only appeared in a 4 episode guest arc on Friday Night Lights as Chris Kennedy. He also has a movie credit listed for release in 2009. So..which Stars Hollow resident or friend has come the farthest?

Ratings: Crossover Is Just What the Doctors Ordered! - Featured

Thursday's numbers, at a glance: * 8 pm/ET Bones won the hour with 10.76 million total viewers, a gain of 760,000 from its Thursday time-slot premiere. Ugly Betty placed a distant second with 7.27 mil, dropping 270K. NBC's Earl and Kath & Kim both trailed CBS comedy repeats, delivering 6.16 mil (down 340K) and six mil (down 200K), respectively. Smallville slipped 300 thou, to 3.88 mil. * 9 pm With CSI taking a siesta, Grey's Anatomy surged 900K to deliver 15.2 million total viewers. While NBC's The Office (8.4 mil) dropped 340K from its last Thursday outing, 30 Rock (6.33 mil, and guest-starring a charming Jon Hamm) dipped only a hair. Supernatural (3.34 mil) slipped 240 thou (but how about that brotherly smackdown?!). * 10 pm Goosed by the onset of its multi-episode crossover with Grey's, Private Practice saw 13 million viewers - a 35 percent gain from its last typical outing, and exhibiting none-too-bad audience erosion over the hour. That nifty number also marks a season high and the spin-off's second-largest viewership ever. OK, let's throw this in, too - this week's Private delivered the best-ever retention (86 percent) for a telecast airing after Grey's. Hey, I'm just the messenger, Six Degrees and Notes from the Underbelly. Trailing an Eleventh Hour repeat, ER (7.3 mil) fell 400K. Source here