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Supernatural: Sneak Peek at "Sam, Interrupted" Season 5, Episode 11

It looks like things are about to get worse for Sam and Dean when Supernatural returns for its second half of the season. The show kicks off with an episode that pays homage to Winona Ryder's movie, Girl, Interrupted, as the Winchester brothers find themselves in what looks to be a psych ward. Sadly, I don't have much info on the 11th episode the fifth season but here's the trailer in case you haven't seen it yet or if you already have but just can't get enough of Supernatural. Source & Preview

'Supernatural' Gears Up for its 100th Episode - Featured

How are you holding up Supernatural fans? Only one more excruciating month to go and we'll soon lay our eyes on Sam and Dean again. As difficult as it seems, I assure you that it's all going to be worth the wait. Case in point: Supernatural's 100th episode. I guess time really does fly when you're having fun. It's hard to believe that we've already enjoyed 92 remarkable episodes of the paranormal drama. And in just about four weeks, Supernatural will return to our TV screens and we'll be starting our countdown of eight installments leading to the big milestone episode. And the best thing about this episode? It's an hour that focuses largely on Dean (Jensen Ackles). "We're aiming for it to be a big mythology episode," Eric Kripke told Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello, adding that, "The Archangel Michael plays a very large part as we explore his relationship with Dean." Executive producer Sera Gamble has already hinted previously that Michael will be introduced in a creative way so having that in mind, what form do you think will Archangel Michael take? Any casting suggestions? Source here

Five Things to Look Forward to When 'Supernatural' Returns in January - Featured

It's going to take some time before Sam and Dean return to our TV screens and I'm sure we're all going to suffer from severe Supernatural withdrawal. Luckily, executive producer Sera Gamble has shared some teasers to get us through the cold dark holiday season. Warning: This article may contain minor spoilers so read at your own risk. Zombies No, this doesn't involve the Croatoan virus. Supernatural is doing a twist on post-modern zombies by giving them lots of personality and Gamble hints, "They're not necessarily bad zombies. At least not right off the bat. They're zombies that make you think." Lucifer and Michael Since the Colt can't kill Lucifer, it's obvious that we'll be seeing more of the devil in the form of Mark Pellegrino. And we'll also learn how taking over Sam fits into his plans while we understand the Apocalypse from the perspective of Archangel Michael. Gamble says Michael is "trying to become embodied and Dean is the only possible vessel for him. He's not walking around in the here and now, so we have to be creative in introducing Michael. You will meet him." Bloody Valentine OK so maybe it's a lame reference to Jensen Ackles' movie. But we are getting treated to a very dark and sinister Valentine's Day episode, which is described as "an exploration of the nature of love and desire." Switching Bodies Though Gamble vaguely hints on a body swap storyline, Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello reveals that Sam and Dean switch bodies with each other and a couple other characters. More Winchesters "We will be further exploring the secrets of the Winchester family and Sam and Dean's past. There's more to reveal there," says Gamble. This means we'll be getting some flashbacks here and there. This also means that there's a possibility for Jeffrey Dean Morgan to reprise his role as John Winchester. Source Here

Supernatural Producer Previews Upcoming Storylines

Count Supernatural viewers among the few that hope this holiday season comes and goes with greater speed than Usain Bolt. That's because The CW hit left fans with an emotional cliffhanger last week - two beloved characters died and Death was exhumed - but won't return until January 14. Can we at least get an idea of what to expect when the series returns in 2010? Yes, says producer Sara Gamble. She shared a few spoilers with TV Guide Magazine... On upcoming suffering: We are continuing to deal with the overarching storyline of the Apocalypse. The personal cost for our boys is real; they will suffer in every possible way. This season has been really funny but also very dark. The Supernatural palate has escalated due to the Apocalypse. We're able to tell stories on a slightly larger scale. On God: People are definitely looking for him. It's an ongoing quest for Castiel. It's vitally important for him and increasingly interesting for the boys. Historically Sam has more faith. The jury is out for Dean as to whether or not God currently exists. On Lucifer: You'll be seeing more of Lucifer. You'll learn more about how his taking Sam over figures into his plans. And how he came to find Nick, who's his current [host]. And you will definitely start to understand the Archangel Michael's perspective. He's trying to become embodied and Dean is the only possible vessel for him. He's not walking around in the here and now, so we have to be creative in introducing Michael. You will meet him. Can Christmas come early this year? We need Supernatural back on the air ASAP! Source Here

'Supernatural' 5.11 Preview: Sam, Interrupted

When "Supernatural" returns next year, it will pay homage to Angelina Jolie-starring movie "Girl, Interrupted". The episode which is called "Sam, Interrupted" will see Sam being strapped to a bed inside what could be said a psych ward. From the casting sides, it is said that strange happenings are afoot in the place. "Sam, Interrupted" is airing on January 14. The show takes a two-month break and will return with the second half of the season including the 100th episode. EW said that the monumental episode will be particularly huge for Jensen Ackles aka Dean. Some spoilers about the future episodes airing in 2010 have been revealed including one where Sam and Dean switch bodies in episode "Being Sam Winchester". There is also an episode where Anna returns and wants to kill Sam. She plans to exterminate Mary and John Winchester who will be seen in their younger years. Source & Preview

Possible Major Spoiler Tonight's 'Supernatural'

If you want to go into the final Supernatural episode of 2009 completely blind, I suggest reading no further. There have been some pretty major spoilers circling around the Internet for a while about the events of "Abandon All Hope," so stop reading if you don't want to be even remotely spoiled. This is your last warning. STOP NOW. Now, the widespread rumor is that two major characters will die on Supernatural tonight, and by major, they mean ones that we've met before and that we know. Since Supernatural doesn't have a very long list of characters fitting that description, the candidates for death are pretty small. Let's look at them. Sam and Dean Not a chance. I realize both of them have already died on Supernatural, but a show with only two leading actors wouldn't kill off one of them halfway through a season. Or would they? No, they really wouldn't. Castiel Misha Collins has been on fire this season, so I really hope he isn't one of the fatalities. However, the preview photos do show him and Lucifer face-to-face, which can't be good. On the bright side, if Cas does die, God can just bring him back again. Bobby Sadly, this seems to be the most popular prediction among fans. Bobby has been sidelined in his wheelchair all season and in "The Curious Case of Dean Winchester," he lamented his fate and wished he would die. This episode might feature the lovable old coot performing one last act of heroism to save Sam and Dean. Ellen and Jo Harvelle The mother-daughter hunting team is back, and it's certainly an odd sign that these two return in an episode rumored to have two deaths. Basically, if the rumors are true, I don't see any way that both Ellen and Jo survive. Will Ellen sacrifice herself to save her daughter, or will Jo meet an untimely demise? Rufus There's not even an indication that Rufus will show up in the episode, but in every way, he seems like Supernatural's most expendable character. Meg The demon known as Meg has had many forms, and she's back again in this episode. Will she finally join her daddy as a victim of the Colt? Zachariah If there's one angel that needs to get ganked, it's this douchenozzle. Lucifer I have no idea what Supernatural would do with the second half of the season if Sam and Dean succeed in killing Lucifer in this episode, but it would definitely be unexpected. The Impala While not technically a character, the Impala is more beloved than most Supernatural characters by the fans, and if Lucifer really wanted to hurt Dean, killing his car would be the best way to do it. So those are the best possible choices for which characters will meet their maker. The only real way to know who dies tonight, if anyone, is to check out Supernatural at 9pm on the CW. Right now, if the rumors are true, I'm picking Bobby and Ellen. Killing those two would be the best way for Lucifer to prove he's not just another demon. Source here

SUPERNATURAL "Abandon All Hope" Season 5 Episode 10 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of SUPERNATURAL "Abandon All Hope" Season 5 Episode 10 which airs on Thursday November 19 at 9 p.m. on The CW. Episode Synopsis: Sam (Jared Padalecki), Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Castiel (Misha Collins) track down the Colt and head off to find Lucifer (guest star Mark Pelligreno) to send him back to Hell. It's a hunters' reunion when the crew joins forces with Bobby (Jim Beaver), Ellen (guest star Samantha Ferris) and Jo (guest star Alona Tal) for what could be their last night on Earth. Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Ben Edlund Source & Preview

Another Sneak Peek - Supernatural 5.10 "Abandon All Hope" Preview

I have already posting a sneak peek and promo (and promo photos) for the November 19th new episode of Supernatural and now EW has released an exclusive clip of the beginnings of a showdown between Meg and Dean. Soak it up, because this is the last new Supernatural episode before it goes on hiatus until January. Source & Preview

'Supernatural' Video: Ellen and Jo Return Season 5, Episode 10

It's time to horde every last morsel of Supernatural you can, because after this Thursday's new episode, the show is going on a Winter Break until January 14, 2010. Since this week's episode, "Abandon All Hope," is the big mid-season finale, expect plenty of fireworks and major upheaval in the story. In this video clip from the episode, we see that Sam and Dean have once again involved the Harvelles in their plan. Not only that, but it seems Ellen and Jo have made a new friend: Cas. Source & Preview

'Supernatural' Video: Sam and Dean Find the Colt (Season 5, Episode 10)

Next week's episode of Supernatural is the mid-season finale, meaning it will be the last new episode for about two months. Therefore, it's safe to assume we won't be watching a lot of silly, pointless comedy. Instead, Supernatural finally gets back to the Apocalypse and Lucifer. In this video clip from the episode, "Abandon All Hope," Sam and Dean meet Crowley, the demon Bela gave the Colt to. Source & Preview