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‘That ’70s Show’ Star Died From Multiple Drugs, Coroner Says

Lisa Robin Kelly, the troubled actress who played bad girl Laurie Forman on the Fox sitcom “That ’70s Show,” died of multiple drug intoxication, the Los Angeles County coroner’s department said Friday. Kelly died at age 43 in August 2013, after entering a rehab facility in an effort to clean up. Her rehab stay was preceded by a history of legal and substance-abuse woes. Read More... //

'That '70s Show' Actress Dies at 43 (Report)

Lisa Robin Kelly, who played Eric Forman's older sister on the comedy, was found dead in a rehab facility.            //

The 'That '70s Show' Cast Member Who Always Ruined Takes

Turns out Wilmer Valderrama is even more hysterical in real life than he is as Fez, according to his "That '70s Show" co-star Laura Prepon. "My director would never put [Wilmer] next to me in scenes," said Prepon, who played Donna Pinciotti, while speaking with HuffPost Live's Josh Zepps earlier this week. "He would make me laugh so hard that it would literally ruin takes," she continued, reminiscing about how her director would have to separate the two of them on set. Read More... //

That '70s Show Actress Lisa Robin Kelly Arrested on Suspicion of DUI

Lisa Robin Kelly, who played Laurie Forman on That '70s Show, was arrested on suspicion of DUI on Saturday, TMZ reports. READ MORE...

First Look: That '70s Show Stars Back Together!

More than three decades after the psychedelic '70s, That '70s Show 's Donna and Fez are looking remarkably youthful. An episode of NBC's upcoming sitcom Are You There, Chelsea? (starring Laura Prepon as a cocktail waitress loosely based on boozy talk-show host Chelsea Handler) finds Wilmer Valderrama guest starring as a minor league baseball player. //

Top 10 Musical Episodes: 'Buffy,' 'Scrubs,' 'The Simpsons ' and More!

If 'Glee' has you yearning for more song-and-dance routines on TV, hold onto your (top) hats! From April 29 to May 5, Fox is turning several of its shows into musicals, including 'Bones,' 'House,' 'The Simpsons,' even 'Fringe.' On May 2, 'Family Guy' will celebrate its 150th episode with an extended episode featuring new and familiar musical numbers. Suffice to say the shows should be a blast, for both us and the actors. Of course, TV aficionados know this is nothing new. Shows like 'Ally McBeal,' 'Eli Stone,' and 'SpongeBob SquarePants' have featured musical numbers regularly, and I'd be remiss if I didn't mention 'Viva Laughlin' and 'Cop Rock' (even though the latter was declared by TV Guide to be one of the worst shows ever, ouch!). In fact, we can trace the trend back to classic episodes like Bugs Bunny's 'The Rabbit of Seville' and 'What's Opera, Doc?' To honor Fox''s celebration, I've put together some favorite musical episodes. See if you agree with my choices, and feel free to add your own in the comments below. There are plenty of great ones I didn't have room for here, including 'Oz,' 'Malcolm in the Middle,' 'Daria,' 'Seventh Heaven' and 'Xena: Warrior Princess.' To Read More Click Here .

SideReel's Top 10 Favorite TV Moms, Part 1 - Featured

Family Guy - Lois Griffin There are a rare and precious few moms who can be cool, hilarious, hot, and good mothers all in one, but Lois Griffin is one of these lucky few. Sure, she's an animated character on TV, but hey, she's allowed one flaw, right? So what makes Lois such a cool, funny, and good mom? It's the little things: she reads her daughter's diary out loud to the family as a joke, she manages to survive and still love her sweet little baby constantly plotting to kill her, and she gives her kids good life lessons like while you should wait to have sex, sometimes "rattlin' around just right is tops." Gilmore Girls - Lorelai Gilmore Speaking of cool, funny, and good moms, Lorelai most certainly ranks up there. Lorelai started her mothering days as a confused and scared 16-year-old, then went on to be a wonderful, supportive, independent, and truly excellent mom. Her ability to be best friend and mother to Rory made for one of the greatest mom-daughter relationships of its day (or ever) on TV. Friday Night Lights - Tami Taylor Tami is one of the most sweet yet real moms on TV these days as she juggles her home life with her husband, baby, teenage daughter, and her busy work life. Yet in all that, while she's wonderfully supportive, she also is no supermom which I appreciate in comparison to the TV moms of the good ol' days. No, real women cannot work all day, come home and make dinner, run 5 school committees, and keep a smile on their faces. Tami is an excellent, understanding, and honest mother, all the while reminding her family, and us viewers, that moms are human (and should be) too! The O.C. - Kirsten Cohen Kirsten is kind of the super rich O.C. version of Tami Taylor as she was an awesome wife and mom, a great friend to those from her ex-boyfriend/neighbor to her foster teenage son, or anyone else who happened to wander through her home. She kept up a stressful job, plus often, but not as realistically, reminded everyone this was not easy. Kirsten knew just when to tell her teens something "big" was going to blow over, and when to tell them they needed to call the cops because killing someone even by accident wasn't a usual blow-over teen issue. With all that O.C. drama, a big fav TV moms thanks to Kirsten for (kinda) keepin' it real for us! That 70's Show - Kitty Forman Kitty Forman was among TV's first truly awful/awesome moms. She cared deeply about the well-being of her children, didn't judge her children's bad decisions that didn't really matter, and knew far more than her sweet curly hair and smile let on, until she burst forth with a snarky comment or five. She was the perfect balance of sarcastic and sweet mother who was always prepared to be the shoulder to cry on, or the voice of unwanted reason. Continue to Part 2

Wilmer Valderrama develops the family sci-fi sitcom Earth to Pablo

Wilmer Valderrama is developing Earth to Pablo, a Nickelodeon family comedy, about a normal family that ends up with a teenage space alien instead of the South American exchange student they had expected. Read more!

Kurtwood Smith Sees the Best in Worst Week

If patience is a virtue, then Dick Clayton rates supreme. Worst Week 's (Mondays 9pm/ET, CBS) steely, gruff dad - a personality Kurtwood Smith has already honed to perfection on That '70s Show — has seen his patience tested week in and week out as witness to some of the most cringe-worthy blunders by his accident-prone, soon-to-be son-in-law Sam (Kyle Bornheimer). With a wedding a week away, things are just bound to get - well - worse, but also better in a way for hard-luck Sam as time goes on. Smith chatted with about this week's episode, featuring Fred Willard and Connie Ray as Sam's parental unit, if he's an intimidating father himself and why you shouldn't watch 24 (at least not live). read interview from: TvGuide

The End of an Era...

After 200 episodes of groovy fun, 360-degree scenes and dream sequences, That '70s Show packed up and ended its eight-season run on May 18, 2006.