The Adventures of Paddington Bear
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The Adventures of Paddington Bear

"Paddington Cleans Up / Riding High / Paddington Dines Out"

Date Aired: Jun 25, 2004

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Paddington is taken in by a confidence man and suddenly finds himself embarking on a new career - as a vacuum cleaner salesman. His first customer: Mr. Curry. But his demonstratioin doesn't go quite as planned. After dumping soot on his neighbor's carpet, he prepares to plug the cleaner into the nearest socket only to discover - Mr. Curry doesn't have a socket. Why, he doesn't have electricity! He uses gas! / Mr. Gruber's friend has high hopes his horse, Betting Star, will win the Kentucky Derby, and though no one would admit it at first, it's a lucky thing Paddington injures the horse's jockey. With the help of a tad too much garlic, Paddington becomes one with the horse - who runs like the wind to get away from the smell. / It's Paddington's summer birthday and the Browns and Mr. Gruber celebrate by taking our little hero to an expensive restaurant. Once there, Paddington orders a marmalade sandwich, put out Mr. Gruber's omelet flambée, and makes the acquaintance of Sir HUntley
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