The Adventures of Paddington Bear
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The Adventures of Paddington Bear

"Paddington Hits Out / Ranger Paddington / Paddington's Puzzle"

Date Aired: Jun 23, 2004

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Mr. Curry enters a gold competition with Paddington as his caddie. But when Mr. Curry ends up in the first aid tent after slipping on a marmalade sandwich, Paddington takes over for him - and wins a bag of shiny new golf clubs. /While on safari in Africa, Paddington sets out to protect his breakfast eggs from poachers, and because of his efforts, Mr. Gruber and the park ranger are captured by real poachers. It's up to Paddington to save the day, and the two villains fall victim to their own trap. / Paddington tries his paw at carpentry and comes up with a most novel project: a jigsaw puzzle. Helping himself to the painting he assumes Mr.Curry has left out for the trash, he carefully saws it into jigsaw pieces. But when Mr. Curry comes over, thundering about his stolen painting, Paddington's little project takes a turn for the worse.
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