The Adventures of Paddington Bear
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The Adventures of Paddington Bear

"Paddington Gets a Raise / Bonhomme Paddinton / Everything Comes to Those Who Wait"

Date Aired: Jun 21, 2004

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It's Mr. Brown's birthday and, in his attempt to raise enough money to send him a telegram, Paddington takes a job as a model for a painting class. But our little hero quickly discovers that standing stock still for hours on end is not only frightfully boring, but leg-numbing as well. At Mr. Gruber's suggestion, he forgets about the telegram and gives Mr. Brown a singing telegram instead. / At the Quebec Winter Carnival, Paddington becomes great friends with the Bonhomme Carnival who encourages the young bear to put his paws to good use and participate in the festivities. Paddington and Mr. Gruber join a team for the canoe race across the frozen St. Lawrence, and because of Paddington, they win by a nose. / When Paddington goes out caroling one night, he ends up at a dinner party, mistaken for the waiter. And after the chef quits, it is up to our little hero to complete the meal. Baked Alaska? Oh. Paddington thought he heard Baked Elastic.
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