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In Season 5, The Americans Tells Us Who Philip and Elizabeth Are

Theres no place like home. ...Read More... //

The Americans - Matthew Rhys on Philip: He Wants to Get Out of This Life

For three seasons now youre seeing the metaphorical bottom quivering lip. ...Read More... //

The Americans Bosses on the Finale's Tragic Twist, Season 5's Slow Burn and the Show's Ultimate Endgame

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Tuesdays Season 5 finale of The Americans. Proceed with caution, comrades. Just when Philip and Elizabeth think theyre out the Center pulls them back in. The Americans Season 5 finale shattered the Russian spies dreams of returning to the motherland: Kimberlys CIA dad got promoted to head of the [] //

The Americans EPs On Tonights Finale, The Series Resolution & Why No Trump

SPOILER ALERT: This story contains details of tonight's Season 5 finale of The Americans on FX . "We don't like to give away really anything, but probably one thing we're willing to say is that there's going to be a resolution," The Americans executive producer Joel Fields reveals of the upcoming sixth and final season of the acclaimed 1980s-set FX series. With that in mind, tonight's Season 5 finale sure looks like Pastor Tim is leaving his church in suburban Washington ...Read More... //

Screen Queens: Keri Russell

You know her now as complicated Russian spy Elizabeth Jennings in The Americans . You knew her then as romantically confused college student Felicity Porter in Felicity . But did you watch her dance her tail off alongside future Oscar nominees and pop stars on The All-New Mickey Mouse Club ? In this tribute to the Emmy-nominated and Golden Globe-winning actress, we're going way, way back to highlight Keri Russell's full television journey, from Disney to Ruskie.   Keri! The All-New Mickey Mouse Club often is celebrated as a training ground for several of the world's biggest pop stars, but it also was an early home to some of today's best actors. On the show from 1991 to 1993, Russell was one of the middle-year cast members who got to overlap with both the OG kids (Jennifer, Lindsey) and the new additions (Britney, Justin).   Russell was featured more as a dancer and sketch performer, but occasionally she got to talk-sing her way through a performance, like in this "hot version" of "You Showed Me."   Here she is serving early-'90s realness in one of the show's getting-to-know-you segments. "Check it!"   The Girlfriend Russell's post- MMC career slid into a steady series of guest spots on successful shows and lead roles on not-so-successful shows. In nearly all of them, she played a specific type: the blonde bombshell love interest. She was Mr. Feeny's niece and Eric's crush in Boy Meets World in 1993, Bud Bundy's date in a 1995 episode of Married With Children , and a rule-breaking friend of Camille's in 7th Heaven in 1997. That same year, Russell appeared in a couple of episodes of FOX's fantasy-adventure series Roar, macking on a young Heath Ledger.   She also was one of the daughters in Dudley Moore's quickly canceled CBS comedy, Daddy's Girls .   Her highest-profile gig was in Aaron Spelling's short-lived 1996 soap Malibu Shores . Russell starred alongside fellow MMC alum and real-life boyfriend Tony Lucca as teens from opposite worlds (you know, Malibu and the Valley). Among the other cast members: future Buffy scene-stealer Charisma Carpenter and the other Spelling kid, Randy. (Honestly, imagine if this had been her breakout role instead of Felicity ?)   Felicity "Hey." From 1998 to 2002, Russell starred as University of New York student Felicity Porter, whose four-year love triangle earned the show critical raves and its young star a Golden Globe. With J.J. Abrams at the helm, the show wasn't afraid to take risks in storytelling or tone. This drama was super moody and dark — literally, the lighting was so dim — but also sometimes light and fun. Just like college.   TV Misses After four years anchoring a one-hour broadcast network drama, Russell took some time off before returning to smaller TV projects, such as Into the West and The Magic of Ordinary Days (oddly, both co-starring Skeet Ulrich). Her higher-profile projects were on the big screen, notably Mission: Impossible III in 2006 and the stellar Waitress the following year. Also in 2007, she played Melody, Elliot's sorority sister, on NBC's Scrubs "Damn!"   Russell landed a sweet gig in Mitchell Hurwitz's 2010 collaboration with Arrested Development star Will Arnett, Running Wilde . It lasted just one season, though.   Elizabeth Just when it seemed like TV was not here for her, Russell helped create one of the most fascinating characters on one of the best dramas of arguably television's richest era. As Elizabeth Jennings, a Russian spy trying to keep her identity hidden from her American-born kids and FBI agent neighbor while working through some seriously complicated issues with her KGB-matched husband, Russell is a powerhouse. Whether she's taking on her handler or her daughter, Russell's Elizabeth is one badass boss.   Who's your screen queen? Let us know in the comments below! And check out our other queens: Taraji P. Henson , Lauren Graham , and Regina King . p { text-align: justify; }

The Americans: Costa Ronin and Chris Long Discuss Filming in Russia and Oleg's Journey

The beautiful vistas of Moscow you've seen on The Americans Season 5 are the real deal. For the first time in the FX series' history, they went to the source to shoot some scenes they felt were imperative for the emotional journey Oleg Burovwas taking. We had a chance to chat with Costa Ronin, who plays Oleg, as well as Emmy-nominated executive producer and director for The Americans, Chris Long about their experience and Oleg's journey, of which they are a crucial part. Please enjoy the conversation we shared below, which has been edited for clarity. ...Read More...

'The Americans' Star Alison Wright on Martha's Return

"She seems to have a little bit more of a spine," she says of her character. ...Read More... //

6 Questions for Alison Wright of 'The Americans' and 'Feud'

Spoiler alert! Stay away until you've seen the May 2 episode of The Americans . She's back! After appearing onscreen for a scant 25 seconds earlier this season in what could have been just a fun (and reassuring) Easter egg, Martha had a more substantive role in tonight's episode. About halfway through the hour she appears, wearing a drab cardigan and sautéing onions for her "snack," a potato. As she sits down, she hears a knock on the door. It's Gabriel. Retired and now living in Moscow, he can check in on and maybe even help Mrs. Clark Westerfeld. But Martha is not having it. "She's had, you know, nine months to sit there and put the pieces together," actress Alison Wright told SideReel. "And obviously the result of that is pretty devastating." Wright couldn't say whether the remaining four episodes of this season of The Americans would feature Moscow Martha, but she had plenty to share about her recent turns on two of FX's high-profile dramas. Is Martha reclaiming her power a bit in this scene with Gabriel? I think it still remains a bit of an enigma in the storytelling sense of where she's at and what's going on with her life and who she is now and how much of a different person she is now than she was in D.C. You know, what we see in this moment, it's a real panic for her because she's wondering why on Earth he's there, what he could possibly want. But like she says, she's had a lot of time to comb over every conversation and meeting that she ever had with Clark and to try to figure out what was real and what wasn't and what she maybe ignored and what she didn't pay enough attention to. Were you surprised by the fan love of Martha? I was glad because it means we've done a great job, we've created a character that people are responding to and believing in. I think people are easily able to imagine themselves in her position and maybe have compassion for decisions that she made because on some level they're able to see themselves making those bad decisions too. So, that just makes you feel great that you've created a real, full person that people can believe in her story. Matthew Rhys recently said definitively that Philip never loved Martha. Does that jibe with your take on the relationship? Yeah, I don't think he ever did. I think people wanted to think that he did. Maybe they just didn't want to see how cold and ruthless Philip actually was and they wanted to believe in the fantasy of it a little bit, but I would agree with him. I would hope that he had a little bit of respect for her as a person, at least, and what he was doing to her and had respect and empathy for her kindness and all the love that she'd given him, but perhaps not. FX is clearly where it's at right now. What's it been like these past few months appearing on two series on the same network that feel so extraordinarily timely and relevant? FX really is where it's at, it's where all the exciting programming is happening and (FX President) John Landgraf is just doing ridiculous things with this network. It's not just the quality and the calibre of the work that they're producing, but the kinds of stories that they're putting out there. The election happened right in the middle of filming a big Pauline episode that I had, where she even has comments about how, you know, some people don't like the idea of a woman in charge. There was a certain irony when we were shooting that. And then all of the sudden Hillary Clinton didn't become the president, like everybody expected, and that had a deeper resonance. I think the show Feud is going to really help people cement the fact that this change, this equality, is not going to evolve naturally. It hasn't in 50, 60 years since Feud . We're still struggling. When you look at the world of Feud , especially Old Hollywood, it seems so long ago, yet our problems are still really exactly the same. This is silly, but do you think Martha is more a Joan or a Bette fan? Probably Bette. Ooh, wait — who cried more? I think she probably liked whoever cried more. She probably liked whoever did more of the sadder films and roles — I'm not sure which that would be. I can imagine her with a box of tissues and her feet up on a Sunday afternoon, crying at their old films. Is there something you're watching right now that you're really excited about? The Get Down ! I was so glad when that second half came out. I love disco. My apartment overlooks the South Bronx. I loved everything about it. This interview has been edited and condensed. p { text-align: justify; }

Spies, Lies and Intuition: A Conversation With 'The Americans' Writer-Producer Stephen Schiff (Q&A)

The executive producer of the critically acclaimed FX show discusses Russian politics, the discoveries of writing and the genius of his "intuitionist" wife. ...Read More... //

I Dont Miss Swan Lake: A Ballerinas Role on The Americans

Irina Dvorovenko, a former principal ballerina, had to deglamorize to land her TV role. But she instinctively understood it: Its my childhood. ...Read More...