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Jillian and Ed Canceled Special Announcement on 'Bachelor'

There's apparently another bump along the latest edition of "The Bachelor" beside the reported backstage affair. ABC failed to air the "special announcement" that it has promised to air along with the season premiere on Monday, January 4. Per Reality TV World, a spokesperson of ABC said the announcement was supposed to be a wedding date of Jillian Harris and Ed Swiderski, the couple who emerged from the last season of "The Bachelorette". The spokesperson explained further, "They were worried about how the announcement would have affected their personal life, so they decided to pull it." The decision was made after Jillian and Ed talked to "Bachelor" producers. Jillian was the bachelorette who rejected the current bachelor, Jake Pavelka. Ed proposed to her at the end of the show in late May and they reportedly wanted to share the wedding date with Jake on the season 14 premiere. The couple would help Jake first in eliminating 10 contestants based on the first impression before making their own announcement but the promoted footage never went on air eventually. Meanwhile, decision is also made to prevent male crew of the show to interact with the female contestants vying for Jake's love following the affair between one of the bachelorettes and a producer. "The crew for the show was then instructed not to speak to any of the contestants," a source told OK!. "They were really strict about it. It was just really odd to have the crew not communicate when the women were with them shooting scenes." Source Here

'Bachelor' Season Premiere: Claws, Tears and Costumes All Come Out 'On the Wings of Love'

This morning I was treated to an advanced screening of the premiere episode of The Bachelor: On the Wings of Love, the fourteenth installment in the well-known ABC series starring one lucky guy looking for his bride among 25 aspiring ladies. Writing about television certainly has its perks, just as being The Bachelor does. But with great power comes great opportunity for screwing up. For example: I did get to watch the season premiere a couple weeks early, but now I have the harrowing duty of giving you just the right amount of juicy hints about the episode, without giving too much away. Mild spoiler warning! To Read More Click Here .

'The Bachelor' 14: First Cast Photo of 25 Bachelorettes (With Names!) - Featured

The 14th season of The Bachelor premieres on January 4 at 8 PM on ABC, and ABC has published a group photo of the cast on their website, including names of each of the women who will be vying for the heart of pilot Jake Pavelka. This photo comes from the ABC Bachelor website under the category of one lonely contestant named Emily (could be an error, or perhaps more will be added soon?). It appears to have been taken before or during the initial Meet and Greet cocktail party of the premiere episode. To Read More Click Here .